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Thumbnail Blaster is the world's only thumbnail creation app. The great Thumbnail Blaster makes use of new A.I. software to create attractive thumbnails. Over 400 videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute. Most viewers, therefore, a scheme through the videos. This means you need to go an extra mile in terms of creativity for your video to stand out. That is why the Thumbnail Blaster is here for you. It is here to cater to your creativity and attraction needs. The program helps save time and money while attracting endless new subscribers and viewers. It utilises Artificial Intelligence to make everything possible. Its cloud computing nature allows you to use it without the need to download anything on your desktop or mobile phone. The application is cloud-based and quite affordable. It is useful in so many ways. For instance, you can increase the number of views and subscribers on your YouTube channel. More here...

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AI Video Titan Software

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Changing You Tube settings

You can change the following settings for YouTube on your phone. S To change YouTube settings, return to the YouTube home screen, press Menu , and touch Settings. Captions font size Opens a dialog where you can set the size of text you prefer when viewing captions with your videos. Clear search history Touch to remove record of the results of video searches you've chosen in the past, so they aren't presented as suggestions in future searches for YouTube videos. Terms of service Displays the YouTube terms of service. Application version The version of the YouTube application installed on your phone.

Best of the Rest Alarm Clock Calculator and You Tube

Choosing between the Basic and Advanced calculator panels Browsing and searching for YouTube videos Sharing videos with friends Keeping a list of favorite videos Without any built-in games, the YouTube application is the G1's first, last, and only line of defense against boredom (until you start downloading your own applications see Chapter 18 for that). Plus, YouTube is a Google-owned service, so it only makes sense that it'd want to feature one of the world's most popular Internet video services front and center on Android. In this chapter, I tell you everything you need to know about setting up the Alarm Clock, running the numbers with the Calculator, and killing a few minutes with YouTube. (And yes, the material is presented in that order you have to eat your dinner before you can have dessert )

Use You Tube Promotions

Here are some ideas for using YouTube to promote your app Create a YouTube video describing and demonstrating your new app. You can set up an account for free in a matter of seconds on YouTube. In your video, highlight the use of your app and how its features and benefits make it worthwhile. Videos are very powerful because people will tend to watch a video over reading about a subject. So, once you post a video on YouTube, you can have literally thousands of views in a short period of time. People can comment on the video and your app, just like on the Android Market. However, you can also comment back when someone posts a comment. This interaction will help you establish a community of followers for your apps and brand. You can also create YouTube ads for your app using a Google AdWords account. As recommended in this book, you should use this approach sparingly and go slowly before spending too much money. Gauge whether your ads are going to work before committing too much money....

Accessing You Tube Settings

There's one last option you can access by pressing the Menu button from the YouTube home page Settings.This option doesn't do much, though. Tap Clear Search history to, well, clear your search history. When you're done with that, you need to press the Back button on your phone to return to the home page.

To watch and interact with You Tube videos

S On a YouTube screen, touch a video to play it. You can set whether videos start in high or normal quality when you're connected to mobile data networks with YouTube settings. See Changing YouTube settings on page 271. For details about these features, visit the YouTube web site.

To share your videos on You Tube

You can shoot and share a video by using YouTube. First, you must create a YouTube account and sign into it on your phone. You can also share the videos you shoot with the Camera application by uploading them to YouTube. See Working with videos on page 260. 1 At the top of the main YouTube screen, touch the Camera icon

Playing a You Tube Video

We'll start by launching the YouTube application and finding a few videos to watch. Follow these steps 1. Tap the Application tab, scroll down,and tap YouTube. You can choose from YouTube's most popular videos. If you receive a phone call while listening to music or watching a YouTube video, your phone interrupts the video to allow you to answer the call. To return to the YouTube application,you can do one of three things

Accessing You Tube and Videos

You access YouTube as you do any other application. From the applications menu, touch the YouTube icon. The YouTube service opens to a page that lists some of the top-rated and most popular videos of the day. These are You don't have to go through the hassle of pressing the Menu key to reach a search option every time you want to search for something. On the slide-out keyboard of the G1 is a search button on the bottom line of buttons (on the myTouch, it's the magnifying glass button on the far right). This is a contextual search button pressing it opens a search bar that's specific to whatever application you're using at the time. If you press this button while you're in YouTube, a search bar opens that lets you search the contents of YouTube for whatever video you want. You can try this handy feature in other applications, too. Pressing the Menu key from that opening screen in YouTube offers other navigation options. In addition to having the Search option, you have Favorites (takes...

Using You Tube

YouTube is an online video streaming service that allows you to view videos that have been uploaded by YouTube members. Notes You do not need a YouTube account to browse and view videos. However, to use all the features of YouTube (such as viewing My account ), you must create a YouTube account from your computer and sign in to that account from your phone. You must have an active data (3G GPRS EDGE) or Wi-Fi connection to access YouTube.

The Joy of You Tube

In case you're not one of the 130 million unique monthly users,YouTube is an Internet website where normal, everyday people can upload videos to share with other users. Between the customer-created videos, you'll find official videos from the likes of the BBC, Barack Obama,and the NBA.That description just about sums it up for the sanitized version, at least. The less sanitized version is that YouTube is, by and large, a black hole that will suck in your time as you watch video after video. One video will make you laugh,one video will make you wonder how to get your time back, and sometimes that is the same video.YouTube is fun and amusing,but sometimes it is just plain boring. Your phone comes with easy access to YouTube, now owned by Google. As long as you have a strong signal, watching videos on your mobile phone is easy,quick,and highly entertaining.

Uploading to You Tube

When you create videos, the primary way to upload and share them is through YouTube. This works really well for personal videos, but it's a bit trickier for corporate videos, because each YouTube channel is limited to one user account and one password. Eventually, there may be an easy way to upload to a collaborative channel. Google is currently experimenting with methods to allow users to upload submissions to another channel. YouTube offers unlimited storage for videos and two basic privacy settings, private and public. Private videos can be shared with small groups of other users. You can also upload videos privately at first and make them public later. Public videos are searchable and are automatically closed-captioned using speech-to-text technology. Videos on YouTube are limited to 10 minutes unless you are part of YouTube's Partner Program for commercial content creators. More information on YouTube's Partner Program is available at t partnerships_faq. In order...

You Tube

Finally, it's time to kick back and watch some videos YouTube on the PC has been a fabulous way to blow off a few minutes (okay, sometimes way too many minutes), and Google has done a commendable job of repackaging the experience for Android and the G1 in fact, unlike some other phones with YouTube capability, the G1 gives you access to YouTube's entire library of videos (I hope you have some free time.) In this section, I walk through the process of browsing and searching for enough video entertainment to ruin your productivity for the rest of the day or at least until your G1's battery runs out of juice. cjABEH You don't have to feel too guilty about wasting some quality time on YouTube videos here, because the G1 will make sure that you don't miss calls. When a call comes through, the YouTube application is interrupted and you see the caller information screen as usual.

Sharing Videos

Sharing your videos really isn't much different from sharing your pictures. Once you've recorded a video that you want to share, choose the share option from the options that are displayed on the preview screen. You're prompted to choose between email, messaging, and YouTube. Select the method you want to use to share the video and then complete the process using the prompts on the screen. Easy, right It really is. And to finally have the ability to share videos is a major plus for the Android platform. The lack of video capability was one of the most glaring exceptions to the first version of Android. It's nice that the good folks in charge listened when people complained.

Network Video Playback

Here is the ViewTheVideo activity example from Chapter 9 that uses a VideoView with an RTSP URL to a video from YouTube's mobile site. The only change is the string passed in to construct the videoUri. String filePath Figure 10-3. StreamingMediaPlayer activity during playback of video file from YouTube Figure 10-3. StreamingMediaPlayer activity during playback of video file from YouTube

Supported Network Video Types

It also means that a special server is required to deliver the media. There are several RTSP servers on the market Apple's Open Source Darwin Streaming Server, RealNetwork's Helix Server, and the Wowza Media Server are a few. Unfortunately, setting up and working with a server is out of the scope of what can be covered in this book. Fortunately, a highly reliable service exists that serves media via RTSP that we can test with (YouTube's mobile site, available at http

Best App for Spotting Everyday Trends

BROWSE SOMEONE'S LIBRARY Once you find someone who is using SocialMuse and sharing music, you can connect to them and browse through their library. If you click on a song, you can choose to play a song preview, buy the song (Amazon mp3), or go to YouTube, Google, or Wikipedia for information about the song. This is peer-to-peer music on your phone.

Android and Social Networking

One of the great promises of Android mobile phones is their ability to run applications that enhance opportunities for social networking between users. This promise echoes the reality of the Internet. The first generation of Internet applications were about user access to information, and many of those applications have been very popular. The second wave of Internet applications has been about connecting users to each other. Applications such as Facebook, YouTube, and many others enhance our ability to connect with people of similar interests, and allow the application's users to provide some or all of the content that makes the application what it is. Android has the potential to take that concept and add a new dimension mobility. It's expected that a whole new generation of applications will be built for users of mobile devices social networking applications that are easy to use while walking down the street applications

To read and reply to a text message

David Singleton Trying to learn the guitar. F chord has my contorted hands aching. YouTube is a great resource for (rather excellent) guitar lessons. David Singleton Trying to learn the guitar. F chord has my contorted hands aching. YouTube is a great resource for (rather excellent) guitar lessons.

Ten Must Play Android Games

Ii s far as entertainment goes, the YouTube application will hold you over for only so long before you have to give in and pick up some games. Actually, on second thought, maybe YouTube's endless collection of bizarre and hilarious videos could be enough to entertain you forever. But trust me it's worth your time to explore the lighter side of the Android Market by downloading a few of these fantastic titles.

Accessing Video Details

Saying that YouTube has a lot of different videos is like saying that Seattle is a little wet in the winter (or in the summer, for that matter). As soon as you've started watching a video, you might wonder about its creator, or even what the video is about. Luckily there is a handy way to do that.While the video is either playing or paused, press the Menu button and tap Details to display something similar to Figure 6.23. Star rating and view data Every time you watch a video on YouTube,you can give it a rating of one to six stars. Publisher This is the YouTube user who created and uploaded the video. Added This is the date that the video was uploaded to YouTube. If you scroll through the related videos, you'll notice that your phone pauses.YouTube has so many videos that almost any video you choose will have a very long list of related videos.To minimize the amount of data your phone downloads,the YouTube application loads only a few of these at a time.Just keep scrolling down,and...

Coordinated Marketing Effort

The first step is to make sure that all your marketing content uses your newly created unique message, as discussed in Chapter 1, Your Android App Marketing Strategy Grand Slam or Base Hits Marketing content means every written word and every graphic you use to convey the value of your app. This includes content for your product website, videos on YouTube, product descriptions, blog entries, and so on.

Integrate Your App with Other Apps

You can build your app to work with a number of very popular apps in the area of social media. Search the Android Market for popular apps around MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many others. Look for ways to enhance or expand the use of these social networking sites with your Android app.

The Remaining Android Apps

I've covered the phone, e-mail, web browsing, and calendar. Now it's time to cover those remaining apps that are installed automatically on most phones and experimental Google features that could ship with future versions of Android. I'll discuss default Android 2.1 and 2.2 apps such as Search, the YouTube player, Music, the Clock, and the Calculator. I'll also discuss the power control, the News and Weather widget, Goggles, and gesture search.

Choosing Your Favorite Videos

Now that you have a few favorites, how do you access them After all, saving a video doesn't do you much good if you can't get back to it. From the YouTube application's home screen, press the Menu button and tap Favorites. You see something like Figure 6.24. Just tap a video to play it.

Starting Market and Understanding the Market Home Screen

If you've had an opportunity to play with the G1's YouTube application, the Market home screen may seem somewhat familiar. Horizontally across the top, you have access to Featured applications, which are applications that Google has highlighted because they're particularly good or popular or both. You can scroll through the list of Featured applications by touching your finger to the Featured area of the screen and swiping to the left or right. As you scroll, the application in the middle of the screen becomes highlighted and is available to download. Directly below the highlighted icon, the application's name and publisher appear.

Setting the Volume Controls

If you possess an Android device, you will have noticed that when you press the volume up and down buttons, you control different volume settings depending on what application you are currently in. In a call you control the volume of the incoming voice stream. In the YouTube application you control the volume of the video's audio. On the home screen you control the volume of the ringer.

IOS for iPhone iPad iPod Touch

The browser component also offers sophisticated text detection algorithms allowing it to recognize phone numbers, addresses, events, tracking numbers, and e-mail addresses. Other ways to achieve similar functionality would be to add special attributes to the beginning of the href attribute of your link tags (such as mailto and sms ). The browser will also redirect links to Google Maps and YouTube to their corresponding native applications on the device.

Understanding the Android SDK License Agreement

Additional terms for specific Google APIs Use of the Android Maps API is subject to further Terms of Service (specifically use of the following packages and must agree to these additional terms before using those specific APIs and always include the Google Maps copyright notice provided. Use of Google Data APIs (Google Apps such as Gmail, Blogger, Google Calendar, Google Finance Portfolio Data, Picasa,YouTube, and so on) is limited to access that the user has explicitly granted permission to your application by accepted permissions provided by the developer during installation time.

Using Social Media in Your App Marketing

When you hear the term social media, what comes to mind You're probably thinking of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, and many other websites that enable you to interact within a community of users. But social media is much more. It also includes blogs, RSS feeds, LinkedIn,, StumbleUpon, and other social marketing activities we will discuss in this chapter.

Google Whats Good in Your PC Is Good in Your Pocket

And why shouldn't it Many people consider Google's Web search to be the gateway to the Internet itself, a portal to absolutely anything they're looking to find. Google applications (Gmail, YouTube, Google Talk, Documents the list goes on) are often essential tools for business and pleasure alike. Indeed, chances are good that you and people you know have their browser's home page set to

Using LinkedIn

One of the most powerful ways to get your message across about your app is through a YouTube video. There are now more than 1 billion YouTube downloads of videos each day. This is because most people would rather watch something about an app than read about it. So, a video is a must when you are trying to market your Android and Android tablet apps. Your video should be posted on your product website and blog. It should also be used when contacting reviewers to attract their attention. Reviewers are so stretched for time that they would rather watch something than read about it. You can post a link to your app's video wherever you have an online presence. Creating and posting your own YouTube video has never been easier. With just a video camera and your app, you can create a compelling video that will eventually be viewed thousands of times, perhaps millions of times if it catches on. We all probably know about the famous Will it Blend videos posted on YouTube a few years ago. In one...

Video Basics

Figure 7.8 YouTube videos can be incredibly powerful to help sell virtually any product, including your Android and Android tablet apps. Figure 7.8 YouTube videos can be incredibly powerful to help sell virtually any product, including your Android and Android tablet apps.

Video Player

For some strange reason, Google didn't bother to include a video player on the G1 beyond its own YouTube application. Don't get me wrong YouTube's great. But sometimes you want to watch your own video, not what YouTube has to offer. For that, you'll want one of the video player applications available in the Market, and the aptly named Video Player is about as simple and straightforward as they come. Just drop MPEG4 and 3GPP video files on your G1's memory card, and Video Player will eat 'em up.

Web Services

Sites will enable their content to be accessed in this manner to allow third-party developers such as ourselves the ability to embed their content and functionality into applications. For instance, Android phones typically come with a YouTube application pre-installed. This application receives its data from YouTube's site through a web service protocol and displays it within the application. This is different from accessing YouTube's mobile web site, which we could do in a browser. In this case, we aren't getting the layout and formatting data from YouTube's web site we are getting just the data for instance, the list of most viewed and top-rated videos, which are then displayed within the application's layout.

The Home page

The first screen you see when you open YouTube from the G1's Applications tab is what Google calls the Home page (see Figure 14-5). At the top of the screen, a horizontal bar of video stills appears these are YouTube's currently featured videos. By touching and holding on this bar and then moving your finger left and right, the bar will scroll. The video still that is currently in the center is the highlighted video, and below it you'll see the video's duration, user rating on a scale of one to five stars, the name of the video, and its description. YouTube's Home screen with featured videos at the top. YouTube's currently featured videos Highlighted video Highlighted video info YouTube's currently featured videos Highlighted video Highlighted video info By pushing Menu from the YouTube Home page (or anywhere else in the YouTube application) and selecting Categories, you'll be taken to a list of video categories a convenient way to just browse around for neat stuff to watch. Once you...

To share a video

You can share a video by sending it in an email or with a multimedia (MMS) message. MMS messages have size limits, typically 3MB, or approximately 1 minute of high-quality video or 2 minutes of low-quality video. See Changing Camera settings on page 245. You can also share a video by uploading it to the YouTube web site. The application you selected opens with the video attached to a new message. If you selected YouTube, you're prompted to enter details about the video to upload. For more information, see the section on that application.

Shooting Video

Video quality Choose high for videos you want to upload to YouTube or edit on your desktop, and choose low for videos you want to send as MMS messages. 2. Video duration By default this is set to 10 minutes, the maximum length for most YouTube accounts. You can set it to 30 seconds for sending MMS video, and you can set it to 30 minutes. Be careful if you set it to 30 minutes, because that will eat up a lot of space on your phone's storage card.


In addition to these applications, YouTube is available for your G1. You can aggregate all these applications into a single page on the Web, iGoogle. To learn more about what applications are available and what you can do with those applications, go to intl en options .

Capturing Video

If you want to preview your video when you're done recording, touch the preview window to open the last video you completed. This automatically switches to that video and four options appear Gallery (which takes you to the video gallery), Play (plays the video), Share (allows you to share the video using MMS, YouTube or email), and Delete (deletes the video from your phone).

The Gallery

NOTE You can upload or delete multiple photos at once through the gallery by viewing an album and pressing the Menu button twice. Gray check marks will appear on each photo or video. Select multiple items by pressing each one. You can then mass-delete them with the Delete button, or upload them to Picasa or YouTube using the Share button.

Moving Pictures

Video clips get their own widget, the videoview. Put it in a layout, feed it an MP4 video clip, and you get playback The biggest trick with videoview is getting a video clip onto the device. While videoview does support some streaming video, the requirements on the MP4 file are fairly stringent. If you want to be able to play a wider array of video clips, you need to have them on the device, either in the local filesystem or on an SD card.

YouTube Saturation

YouTube Saturation

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