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^ CompareEverywhere ^ TuneWiki ^ Locale

^ Caller ID by WhitePages ^ Shazam ^ Video Player ^ Any Cut

^ The Weather Channel ^ OI Notepad ^ Ringdroid

M f you've taken a glance at Chapter 18, you're probably well acquainted with the Android Market. There's a problem, though: With hundreds of applications offered in the Market and more added every day, it can be nearly impossible to cut through the fat and figure out what's worth downloading.

That's a tough problem to solve — and no two people will love exactly the same Android applications — but I've boiled down the treasure trove of goodies offered by the Market to a list of ten must-try apps. Go ahead and live it up. The applications are free, after all, and if you decide an app isn't for you, you can always uninstall it.

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