Dealing with Threads

I deally, you want your activities to be downright snappy, so your users don't feel that your application is sluggish. Responding to user input quickly (e.g., 200ms) is a fine goal. At minimum, though, you need to make sure you respond within 5 seconds, or the ActivityManager could decide to play the role of the Grim Reaper and kill off your activity as being non-responsive.

Of course, your activity might have real work to do, which takes non-negligible amounts of time. There are two ways of dealing with this:

• Do expensive operations in a background service, relying on notifications to prompt users to go back to your activity

• Do expensive work in a background thread

Android provides a veritable cornucopia of means to set up background threads yet allow them to safely interact with the UI on the UI thread. These include Handler objects and posting Runnable objects to the View.

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