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The App Dev Empire: Android

AppDevEmpire is a full course on teaching you how to build Android apps and games from scratch with or without programming experience so you don’t have to be a programmer to get started, even newbies who doesn’t know a single codes can learn this easily as they take you by the hand building your own apps.

What Do You Get?

The App Dev Empire consists of 12-part course that introduce the basics of Android mobile app development. Aside from basic details, it also discusses in-depth techniques that help you deliver a superb mobile app. These features make the guide useful for both novice or advanced programmers.

Download the product and you’ll walkthrough the following courses:

  • The first lesson is introducing the basic points needed in developing mobile apps.
  • On the second part, you’ll discover the core or foundation of programming an app.
  • Third, App Dev Empire will teach you about designing and game controls needed for a flawless platform.
  • Finally, you’ll learn more about marketing your new app in the Android market, which is considered as among the vital courses that you must learn.



Overall, App Dev Empire is a remarkable solution if you wish to challenge the Android app market. It gives you all the information you need and be competitive in this market. With this guide you will be able to create profitable apps as professionals do. You will get lifetime updates for free which means every time they updated the course, you will get it for free.

The App Dev Empire: Android
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