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The PM Milestone Project Management and Business Templates, Plans, Tools, Forms and Guides is a comprehensive package consisting of more than 7000 tried and tested Site Management and Business documents. These professional tools will give you the daily resources to deliver projects from conception to closeout, ensuring the same rigour that goes into the selection of your project ensures the successful delivery of it. The documents have been created to look professional and will most certainly save you time and money as well as a lot of frustration and heart ache. Now you no longer need to mess around re-creating project documents with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, just use PMMilestone to build all your Reports, Spreadsheets, Plan, Proposal, Registers, Logs and moreeffortlessly! Continue reading...

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Contents: 7000 Project Management Templates
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Project Management Templates

All of the 184 Project Management Templates have been written by experienced consultants, who have drawn upon years of experience across a wide range of organizations. They are also unique as they: Are professionally laid out. Have the charts and tables you need. Come with step-by-step instructions. Contain practical examples. Include hints & tips's. Our set of Project Management Templates will not only provide you with all the templates you need to deliver your project, it will also provide you with guidelines, strategies, processes, and programme templates. Smart And Easy To Use Professional Project Management Membership Site. Helping Project Managers Increase Their Success And Deliverability. 200 Plus Project Management Documents And How To Write Technical Docs. Continue reading...

Project Management Templates Summary

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Creating a Smart Device Project

In the New Project window, find the Project Types pane on the left, expand Visual C and select Smart Device ( Figure 5-1). Select the Smart Device Project template from the Templates pane on the right, and click OK. Figure 5-1. Selecting the Smart Device Project template Figure 5-1. Selecting the Smart Device Project template

Introduction to Phone Gap

PhoneGap is an open source development tool created by Nitobi that acts as a unified bridge between web apps and mobile devices. It essentially consists of a native app project template for each of the major platforms, where each project is just a chromeless web browser with heightened permissions. What this means in concrete terms is that PhoneGap makes it possible to add a single snippet of JavaScript to your web app that will give you access to the camera on an iPhone, a Nexus One, a Palm Pre, and others.

Creating the Project

To start the project, start up Xcode and select Create a new Xcode project from the splash window. You'll then see a window like Figure 8-1. You want to create a new view-based application. Although we're not going to have a UI in this application, when we build proper applications, this is the project template that we're going to use.

Creating from resource images

A simple way to add graphics to your application is by referencing an image file from your project resources. Supported file types are PNG (preferred), JPG (acceptable) and GIF (discouraged). This technique would obviously be preferred for application icons, logos, or other graphics such as those used in a game. For more information on using project resources, read about Resources and Assets. Creating from resource XML

DDMS Dalvik Debug Monitor Service

ShapeDrawable class, 67 supported image formats, 66-67 Droid 1 project creating, 10-11 creating debug and run configurations, 18-19 debugging with DDMS, 21-22 editing project resources AndroidManifest.xml file, 13-15 tab, 81 Application tab, 78-79 Instrumentation tab, 80 Manifest tab, 78-79 Permissions tab, 79-80 code, 416-417 project resources

Sample Application

To develop for iPhone, you will need a Mac OS X computer. PhoneGapLib is a static library that enables users to include PhoneGap in their iPhone application projects, and also create new PhoneGap-based iPhone application projects through an Xcode project template. Xcode is Apple's development environment for Mac OS X and iPhone that comes included with the iPhone SDK.


Eclipse, 39 editing project resources AndroidManifest.xml file, on handset, 22-23 with emulator, 19-21 project files, 12-13 project resources, adding, 103-104 launching in emulator, 109 project resources, adding, 103-104 providers. See content providers ProviderTestCase2 class, 380 proximity sensor, 362 publishing

Resources and Assets

Within the documents of this topic, you'll find information on the kinds of standard resources that are typically used in an Android application and how to reference them from you code. Resources and Internationalization is where you should start, to learn more about how Android utilizes project resources. Then, the Available Resource Types document offers a summary of various resource types and a reference to their specifications.


A simple way to add graphics to your application is by referencing an image file from your project resources. Supported file types are PNG (preferred), JPG (acceptable) and GIF (discouraged). This technique would obviously be preferred for application icons, logos, or other graphics such as those used in a game. For more information on using project resources, read about Resources and Assets

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With more than 16 years of work experience in mobile, security, and web technology for both national and international projects, Massimo has worked as a project manager, software engineer, research engineer, chief security architect, and software specialist. He has been a visiting lecturer and supervisor for the Security of Communication Protocols course at the Networking Laboratory of the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK). He is very familiar with security communication protocol testing tools and methodologies, he has developed Internet and mobile applications for many different technologies, and he has used many programming languages.

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Project Management Made Easy

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