Note You should specify the Android Virtual Device AVD name to the emulator in SDK 15 See Chapter 12 for information on creating and naming virtual devices Once you have the name of a virtual device you can invoke the emulator as follows in SDK

\tools\emulator.exe your-avd-name

You can also start the emulator through the Eclipse ADT plug-in. This automatically happens when you choose a program to run or debug in the emulator. Once the emulator is up and running, you can test again for a list of running devices by typing this:

\tools\adb.exe devices

Now you should see a printout that looks like this:

List of devices attached emulator-5554 device

You can see the many options and commands that you can run with adb by typing this at the command line:

adb help

You can also visit the following URL for many of the runtime options for adb:

You can use adb to open a shell on the connected device by typing this: \tools\adb.exe shell

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