Note The commands here are from the 11 release For the 15 release this list may vary slightly

To see a list of root-level directories and files, you can type the following in the shell:

You'll need to access this directory to see the list of databases: ls /data/data

This directory contains the list of packages on the device. Let's look at an example by exploring the package:

ls /data/data/

This will list a database file called contacts.db, which is a SQLite database. If there were a find command in the included ash, you could look at all the *.db files. But there is no good way to do this with ls alone. The nearest thing you can do is this:

ls -R /data/data/*/databases

In releases 1.0 and 1.1 of the emulator, you will notice that the Android distribution has the following databases:

alarms.db contacts.db downloads.db internal.db settings.db mmssms.db telephony.db

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