Key Online Resources for the 15 SDK

We would like to conclude this chapter by listing some key URLs that will come in handy as you discover more about the 1.5 SDK and future releases of Android.

• Android Developers home page ( This is the main entry page for Android developers. As new SDKs are announced, this page will lead you to the right URLs.

• The Developer's Guide ( This is the Android Dev Guide for the most current release. Currently this documentation covers the Android 1.5 SDK.

• CupcakeRoadmap ( The 1.5 release is sometimes referred to as "cupcake," although the two are in fact distinct. Most of the features from cupcake have been rolled into the 1.5 SDK. You can use this URL to learn more about cupcake's features.

• Android 1.5 Platform Highlights ( You can use this URL to find out about the new features in 1.5.

• SDK downloads ( You can download the Android 1.5 SDK from this site.

• Android Open Source Project ( If you are looking for Android SDK source code, you will find it here.

• Google I/O Developer Conference ( This site contains content from the Google I/O conference, including material from sessions about Android.

• Android Roadmap ( This is where Google publishes roadmaps for upcoming releases.

• Git ( To work with Android code, you need to use Git, an open source version-control system that accommodates large, distributed projects.

• "Future-Proofing YourApps": ( future-proofing-your-apps.html): This blog post describes backward-compatibility mechanisms you can use while developing your applications.

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