Exercising Live Folders

Once you have all these files for the live-folder project ready, you can build them and deploy them to the emulator. When you deploy this application through Eclipse, you will see the simple activity show up on the emulator. You are now ready to make use of the live folder that we have constructed.

Navigate to the device's home page; it should look like the screen in Figure 13-1. Follow the steps outlined at the beginning of the section, "How a User Experiences Live Folders." Specifically, locate the live folder you created and create the live-folder icon as shown in Figure 13-4. Click the Contacts LF live-folder icon, and you will see the contact list populated with contacts, as shown in Figure 13-5.

As we come to the conclusion of this book, let us shift our attention to the future of Android and how the 1.5 SDK is enabling some of those expectations.

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