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101 Secrets of a Microsoft Excel Addict

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Using resources content providers and intents

Each of these primary types has subtypes. But if a vendor has proprietary data formats, the subtype name begins with vnd. For example, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are identified by the subtype vnd.ms-excel, whereas pdf is considered a nonvendor standard and is represented as such without any vendor-specific prefix.

General Business Applications

The free trial allows you to view, and the paid version allows you to edit. It supports Word and Excel formats. The paid version also supports PowerPoint. The free trial is a 30-day trial. The app supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files. The free trial allows you to view, and the paid version allows you to edit. It supports Word and Excel formats. The paid version also supports PowerPoint. If you've got a document ready for printing, why not print it directly from your phone PrinterShare (Figure 15-2) lets you do exactly that. However, it doesn't yet support printing Word and Excel files, so this is most useful for printing photos, not office documents. You also need to install desktop software in order to print to non-Wi-Fi printers. The free trial lets you print a test page to verify that it will work.

Best Communication Apps

Your Android-based phone is a great business tool, entertainment device, lifestyle companion, and travel aid, and it has many other uses as well. One of its most basic and important functions is to communicate. Nowadays, communication refers to many different things, including broadcasting, tweeting, podcasting, emailing, texting, and myriad other forms of connecting with someone or something else. Android-powered phones excel at connecting people, devices, and applications, and thus enable more effective communication.

Sets Realistic Sales Targets

A marketing plan will help you set realistic sales goals. After you have done a thorough analysis of the scope of your market and your competitors, you are in a position to do more accurate sales forecasting based on your intended promotions. You need to be able to visualize your sales goal in an easy-to-track spreadsheet. Google provides daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports for you to track your progress. These reports can be easily downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet for viewing.

Data Viz Documents To Go

If your phone didn't come with QuickOffice, you can also download the free version of DataViz Documents To Go. If you need the ability to actually edit files, the paid version of Documents To Go is under 15 and allows viewing, creating, and editing for PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files. You can also use it for view-only access to Adobe PDF files.

Managing Your App Marketing Activities

You should also set up an accountability system. This can be part of your app marketing plan, where you keep track of initiatives. Or you can set up a simple Excel spreadsheet that lists the app name, date, action, cost, target completion date, date completed, and results. By managing your app marketing activities and being accountable for them, you'll be well on your way to actually putting the marketing strategies in motion. An example of such an accountability system is shown in Table 22.1.

Sheet To Go

Excel documents opened in Sheet To Go will have a familiar spreadsheet layout such as found in Microsoft Excel3. A selection highlight is present to show your current location in the spreadsheet the cell selection can be moved around the screen by tapping the dragging, or by moving the cell highlight using directional pad (if your device has one) Navigating an Excel file Existing files that are opened in Sheet To Go open to the area of the file which was last selected in Excel. Similar to Excel, selected cells will have the row and column headers highlighted, and the selected cells will be shaded to indicate selection. The active cell can be changed and the sheet can be navigated by scrolling on the device in the desired direction. Press Menu View Go for more navigation options 3 Some features of Excel such as embedded objects or data validation controls will not be shown in the spreadsheet when viewed in Sheet To Go. These features will not be removed or altered while editing in...

Quick Office

QuickOffice is an easy app for viewing Office Word and Excel files. It ships with the HTC DROID ERIS the Motorola CLIQ, DEXT, and DROID and the Google Nexus One. That means if you own one of those phones, you'll be able to view attachments without having to worry about downloading a new tool.


Dataviz Documents To Go has a long pedigree. It's been seen on smartphones from Palm and Black-Berry for years in lieu of a native document viewer, and is fast becoming the productivity app of choice on Android too. If the one selling point of boring old Windows Mobile phones was their support for Word and Excel, Dataviz bridges that gap. The free version lets you view word processor files, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs and use the onscreen keyboard or a tab toggle approach to be used to navigate and update entries.

Create New Documents

Documents To Go Full gives you the ability to create new Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on your device. Your newly created documents can be synchronized back to your desktop after your next synchronization or saved locally on your device only. To create a new document, press the Menu button, then choose Create New Document OR press the + softkey at the bottom of the screen. H MS Excel E MS PowerPoint

Breakeven Analysis

Using an Excel spreadsheet can help you figure out these calculations quite easily and figure out your own breakeven and contribution margin. An example using the 4.99 productivity app is shown in Figure 11.1. Figure 11.1 An Excel spreadsheet helps to easily calculate a breakeven and contribution margin for the 4.99 app.

Advanced Editing

Creating New Excel Documents (Full Edition Only) New Excel documents can be created in one of two formats, 97-2003 2004 .xls (Microsoft Office 2003 2004 and prior), or 2007-2008 .xlsx (Microsoft Office 2007 & 2008). New documents may be created from either the welcome screen by selecting Create a new file or by pressing Menu File New while an Excel document is open. The default destination format of new files may be changed when an Excel file is open in Sheet To Go . Press Menu More Preferences to open the preferences window, and choose the format for new Excel files (takes effect when the next new document is created). You can now edit the function (this works almost exactly as it does in Microsoft Excel) and press OK to save the formula to the cell and calculate a result. While most Excel functions are supported, files that contain unsupported functions will open as locked, meaning that you will not be able to edit the file. You can edit the file in Excel on the desktop, and...