Versioning Your

Near the top of your AndroidManifest.xml file, you should see values set for the version name and version code for your app:

<manifest xmlns:android=""




Because this is probably your first app, these values are fine as is. Once you've published your app and later want to release an update, you'll update these values appropriately. The Android system doesn't check or enforce this version information, but it's a critical piece of data for your long term app strategy.

The version name is the value that will be shown to the user. It's a string, so you can put whatever you want here, but the common practice is to use a <major>.<minor>.<point> format (such as 1.0.0).

The version code is expected to be a positive integer value. It need not correspond to the version name in any way. In fact, it probably won't—you should just increment it by 1 every time you release an update, regardless of whether the release is a major upgrade or a minor bug fix.

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