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All that is left to do is upload our signed binary to the Android Market.

® > You need to be a registered Android Developer to upload your app. If have not already registered, you can do so at http://market.android.com/ " publish/signup. The process is quick and easy—you just fill out a bit of profile information (name, email, phone, etc.), pay a $25 registration fee (using Google Checkout), and agree to the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement.

1. Launch your web browser, navigate to http://market.android.com/publish/, and sign in to your Google account.

2. If you aren't forwarded automatically after logging in, navigate to http://market .android.com/publish/Home and click the Upload Application button (Figure 8-4).

Developer Console


Ij market

Upload an Application

Language | English (enJJS) | add language

[email protected] | Home | Help f Android.&

Upload an Application

Upload assets

Application .apkfile

(choose File J no fil


(upload ^


Add a screenshot:



(Choose File ) no fil



320w x 480h or 480w x 854h 24 bit PNG or JPEG (no alpha) Full bleed, no border in art Landscape thumbnails are cropped

Promotional Graphic

Add a promotional graphic:

Promo Graphic:


( Choose File J no fil


24 bit PNG or JPEG (no alpha) Full bleed, no border in art

Language | English (enJJS) | add language

Description (en_US>

Promo Text (en_US)

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0 characters (325 max)

Figure 8-4. Navigate to the Android Market upload page to submit your app

3. Click the Choose File button next to "Application .apk file," browse to Kilo.apk on your hard drive, and click the Upload button.

4. You can optionally upload a couple of screenshots to be displayed on the Market page for your app.

5. Enter a title for your app in the Listing Details section (30 characters max).

6. Enter a description for your app (325 characters max).

7. Select a type and category for your app.

8. Specify a price for your app.

9. Indicate your copy protection and location preferences in the Publishing Options section.

10. Enter your website address, email address, and phone number in the Contact Information section.

11. Agree to the terms in the Consent section.

12. Click the Publish button.

Congrats! Your app will be available in the Android Market almost immediately.

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