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Writing a book is a team effort. My heartfelt thanks go out to the following people for their generous contributions.

Tim O'Reilly, Brian Jepson, and the rest of the gang at ORM for making the experience of writing this book so rewarding and educational.

David Kaneda for his wonderfully obsessive pursuit of beauty. Whether it's a bit of code or a user interface animation, he can't sleep until it's perfect, and I love that.

The gang at Nitobi for creating and continuing to support PhoneGap.

Brian Fling for broadening my view of mobile beyond just the latest and greatest hardware. Brian knows mobile from back in the day; he's a wonderful writer, and on top of that, a very generous guy.

PPK, John Gruber, John Allsopp, and John Resig for their contributions to and support of the underlying technologies that made this book possible.

Joe Bowser, Brian LeRoux, Sara Czyzewicz, and the swarm of folks who generously posted comments and questions on the OFPS site for this book. Your feedback was very helpful and much appreciated.

My wonderful family, friends, and clients for being understanding and supportive while I was chained to the keyboard.

And finally, Erica. You make everything possible. I love you!


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