Create the following wurfl-config file (wurfl-config.xml) in ~/src/wurfl-php-1.1/ (or the directory you created when you extracted wurfl-php):

<?xml version="l.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <wurfl-config> <wurfl>

<main-file>wurfl-latest.xml</main-file> <patches>

<patch>web_browsers_patch.xml</patch> </patches> </wurfl> <persistence> <provider>file</provider> <params>dir=./cache</params> </persistence> </wurfl-config>

Create a cache directory and make sure it's writable by whichever user runs PHP scripts. If your web server is configured to run your PHP scripts under your user credentials, this step should not be necessary. As with previous examples, replace ~/src/wurfl-php-1.1/ with the location you created earlier. Replace _www with the username that your PHP scripts run under (you will need superuser credentials to run this command):

$ mkdir ~/src/wurfl-php-1.l/cache $ sudo chown _www ~/src/wurfl-php-1.l/cache

If in doubt, contact your hosting provider's tech support and explain you want the cache directory to be writable by your PHP scripts.

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