Take extra precautions

• Keep the battery or device dry and away from water or any liquid as it may cause a short circuit.

• Keep metal objects away so they don't come in contact with the battery or its connectors as it may lead to short circuit during operation.

• The phone should be only connected to products that bear the USB-IF logo or have completed the USB-IF compliance program.

• Do not use a battery that appears damaged, deformed, or discolored, or the one that has any rust on its casing, overheats, or emits a foul odor.

• Always keep the battery out of the reach of babies and small children, to avoid swallowing of the battery. Consult the doctor immediately if the battery is swallowed.

• Do not allow the leaking fluid to come in contact with skin or clothing. If already in contact, flush the affected area immediately with clean water and seek medical advice.

• Do not allow the leaking fluid to come in contact with eyes. If already in contact, DO NOT rub; rinse with clean water immediately and seek medical advice.

• Take extra precautions to keep a leaking battery away from fire as there is a danger of ignition or explosion.

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