Prevention Of Hearing Loss

CAUTION: Permanent hearing loss may occur if earphones or headphones are used at high volume for prolonged periods of time.

NOTE: For France, Earphone (listed below) for this device have been tested to comply with the Sound Pressure Level requirement laid down in the applicable NF EN 503321:2000 and/or NF EN 50332-2:2003 standards as required by French Article L. 5232-1.

• Earphone, manufactured by Cotron, Model RC E150.

• Earphone, manufactured by Merry, Model RC E150. SAFETY IN AIRCRAFT

Due to the possible interference caused by this product to an aircraft's navigation system and its communications network, using this device's phone function on board an airplane is against the law in most countries. If you want to use this device when on board an aircraft, remember to turn off your phone by switching to Airplane Mode.

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