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Initially, the Google search box displays the All icon , indicating that it's configured to search both the web and to provide suggestions from both the web and your phone. But you can target your searches to just the web or to just a single application's information on your phone.

You can configure what applications and other collections of information you want to be able to search for on the phone; see "To change what you can target when searching the phone" on page 43.

1 Open Google search.

2 Touch the icon at the left of the Google search box.

A panel opens with icons for All, for Web, and for the applications you've checked in the Searchable items settings (see "To change what you can target when searching the phone" on page 43).

If the panel of icons does not open, you pressed the Search button while working in an application that has its own search feature (see the documentation for that application to learn about searching it). To search elsewhere, return to the Home screen and press the Search button again.

3 Touch the icon that represents where you want to search.

You can now target your searches to just that application, by entering text. As you type, only suggestions from that application are displayed below the search box.

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