To place a call by dialing

1 Open Phone.


Phone Call log Contacts Favorites


1 2 ABC



Touch to erase a digit. Touch & hold to erase the entire number.

2 Touch the keys on the Phone tab to enter the phone number.

If you enter a wrong number, touch ^^ to erase digits one by one. To erase the entire number, touch & hold ^^.

To dial an international number, touch & hold the 0 key to enter the plus (+) symbol. Then enter the international prefix for the country, followed by the full phone number.

3 Touch the green phone icon f^m to dial the number that you entered.

Hugh Briss

Mobile 1-650-555-2222

Hugh Briss

Mobile 1-650-555-2222

The duration of the call.

Information from Contacts about the person you're calling.

Touch to enter additional numbers during your call.

Touch to enter additional numbers during your call.

You can switch applications during a call—for example, to look up information by using the Browser. The green phone icon appears in the Status bar while the call is underway.

Press the Volume Up / Down button to adjust the call volume.

Use the onscreen buttons to place the current call on hold, to add a caller, and for other options, as described in "Options during a call" on page 79.

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