To open Camera

► Touch the Camera icon ^ in the Launcher or on the Home screen.

See "Opening and switching applications" on page 36 to learn more about opening and switching applications.

Camera opens in Landscape mode, ready to take a picture or shoot a video.

, I ! : Touch to preview your '. J . ' pictures or videos in Gallery.

Drag up to shoot videos; drag down to take photos.

Lf j Touch to take a picture or k-N-/- shoot a video.

Touch settings to change them.

To take a picture

1 If necessary, drag the control to the Camera position.

2 Adjust your exposure, flash, and other settings if you wish. Or leave them on automatic.

See "Changing Camera settings" on page 245. The preview image changes as you change the settings.

3 Frame your subject on screen.

You can zoom in or out by touching the Zoom icon 1x and then touching a zoom level.

4 Touch the Shutter icon on screen or press the Trackball.

The camera brings the image into focus. When the image is in focus, the focus indicators in each corner turn green and the camera takes a picture.

Touch & hold the Shutter icon or press & hold the Trackball to focus first, before taking a picture; then lift your finger to take a focused picture more quickly.

Slide your finger off the Shutter icon or roll the Trackball and release your finger to cancel taking the picture.

The picture you just took is displayed for a moment, and then is displayed as a thumbnail at the top right.

5 Touch the thumbnail to view, share, and work with your pictures in Gallery

See "Gallery" on page 249.

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