To navigate with turnbyturn directions

S Touch the Navigation I icon in the Launcher or on the Home screen. Then touch the option for how you want to set your destination or touch a previous destination in the lower part of the screen.

S Get directions to a location and then touch Navigate in the Directions screen. See "Getting directions" on page 229. OR

S Press & hold the Search button . When prompted to speak, say "Navigate to" followed by a location. If prompted, touch a destination in the list of suggestions.

A map opens with your route drawn in blue and your next turn described at the top. As you navigate your route, each direction is spoken in turn, and the next turn is displayed. Your current location and direction are shown as a blue arrow on the map, which follows your location as you navigate your route.

Maps downloads and temporarily stores a copy of the directions and other information about your route on the phone, so if you lose your connection to a data network, you can still navigate to your destination.

A compass indicates north.

Your current location and direction.

A compass indicates north.

Your current location and direction.

You can control the volume of the spoken directions with the Volume Up / Down button. To turn the spoken directions off, press Menu and touch Mute.

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