To get directions

1 While viewing a map, press Menu and touch Directions.

Enter a starting_point in the first text box and your destination in the second text box. Or touch I _ I to open a Menu with options for selecting an address from your Contacts or a point that you touch on a map.

—Enter starting and ending locations. —Select a mode of transport. —Touch Go.

To reverse directions, press Menu and touch Reverse start & end.

2 Touch the icon for car, public transit, bicycling, or walking directions.

3 Touch Go.

The directions to your destination appear in a list.

I mm

You can read the directions or show them on the map.

If you requested driving directions, you can also touch Navigate to get spoken, turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps Navigation, as described in "Navigating with spoken, turn-by-turn directions" on page 231.

4 Press press Menu for options relevant to the directions you requested, such as reversing directions, routes that avoid freeways or tolls, or to report a problem with the directions to Google.

When you're finished, to clear the map, press Menu and touch More > Clear map.

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