To compose and send a message

1 When viewing the Inbox or other list of conversations, press Menu and touch Compose.

Touch to change accounts. Address the message. Enter a subject.

iMG_zoioo5os_i35osz.jpg I Touch to remove an attachment you

Enter your message.

Send the message, save it as a draft. or discard it.

2 Set the account you want to send the email from.

The Gmail account you are sending the email from is displayed at the top of the screen. If you have more than one Gmail account configured to sync email to the

Send the message, save it as a draft. or discard it.

phone, you can send the email from a different account by touching the account and then touching the one you want to use.

3 Address the message.

As you enter text, matching addresses are offered from your Contacts list. See "Contacts" on page 83. You can touch a suggested message or enter a new one.

4 Press Menu and touch Add Cc/Bcc to address a copy or a blind copy of the message.

5 Enter a subject for the message.

6 Enter the text of the message.

For information about entering and editing text, see "Using the onscreen keyboard" on page 29 and "Editing text" on page 34.

7 Press Menu and touch Attach to send a photo with the message. See "Gallery" on page 249 to learn about working with photos.

Important Do not delete the original of an attachment before the message is completely sent (that is, it has the Sent label, not the Outbox label), or the attachment will not be sent.

8 Touch Send.

If you're not ready to send the message, touch Save as draft instead. You can read your drafts by opening messages with the Draft label. See "Viewing conversations by label" on page 122.

Touch Discard to abandon the message, including any saved drafts.

If you aren't connected to a network—for example, if you're working in Airplane mode—the messages that you send are stored on your phone with the Outbox label until you connect to a network again.

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