To change car dock audio settings

The first time you insert the phone in a car dock, a dialog asks whether you want to use the dock as a speakerphone and whether you want to play music and other audio on the dock's speaker. Your setting applies only to the dock you are using-you can have different settings for different docks. 1 Switch to Car Home's second screen. The Dock settings open, as described in Sound settings on page 319.

To open Gallery and view your albums

S Touch the Gallery icon in the Launcher or on the Home screen. OR S Open Gallery from Camera by touching the thumbnail image at the top right. OR S Open Gallery from Camera by pressing Menu and touching Gallery. See Opening and switching applications on page 36 to learn more about opening and switching applications. See Camera on page 241 for more about taking pictures and shooting videos with your phone. Gallery presents the pictures and videos on your SD card, including those you've taken...

To open a bookmark

Touch the bookmark icon at the top of the screen. Or press Menu and touch Bookmarks. A window opens with a list of your bookmarks, sorted by how often you visit them. Bookmarks are displayed in thumbnail view by default. To see them as a list, press Menu and touch List view. The bookmark opens in the current window. If you prefer to open it in a new window, touch & hold the bookmark and touch Open in new window in the menu.

To share a video

You can share a video by sending it in an email or with a multimedia (MMS) message. MMS messages have size limits, typically 3MB, or approximately 1 minute of high-quality video or 2 minutes of low-quality video. See Changing Camera settings on page 245. You can also share a video by uploading it to the YouTube web site. 1 While viewing an album, press Menu twice. 2 Check the videos or pictures to share. 4 In the menu that opens, touch the application to use to share the selected videos. The...

To read and reply to a text message

When someone sends a text message to your Google Voice number, you receive a notification that it's in your Google Voice Inbox. 1 Open the Notifications panel and touch the notification that you have a message. (See Managing notifications on page 27.) You can also touch any message that's in your Inbox. The message, and any previous messages in the conversation, is displayed. 2 To reply to the message, enter a short message and touch Send. David Singleton Trying to learn the guitar. F chord has...

To watch and interact with You Tube videos

S On a YouTube screen, touch a video to play it. S Touch the video to view the Playback controls. You can pause, skip forward or backward, or drag the slider to the point in the video you want to watch. S Touch the HQ icon to change whether you're viewing a high or regular-quality version of the video. You can set whether videos start in high or normal quality when you're connected to mobile data networks with YouTube settings. See Changing YouTube settings on page 271. S Press Back to stop...

To share your videos on You Tube

You can shoot and share a video by using YouTube. First, you must create a YouTube account and sign into it on your phone. You can also share the videos you shoot with the Camera application by uploading them to YouTube. See Working with videos on page 260. 1 At the top of the main YouTube screen, touch the Camera icon 2 Point the lens to frame the scene where you want to start. The camcorder starts shooting the video. The time remaining to shoot counts down at the left when less than a minute...

Changing You Tube settings

You can change the following settings for YouTube on your phone. S To change YouTube settings, return to the YouTube home screen, press Menu , and touch Settings. High quality video on mobile Check if you prefer to watch videos in high-quality by default when connected to mobile networks, to reduce startup time and data use. This setting has no effect if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, where videos always open in high-quality. Captions font size Opens a dialog where you can set the size...

To wake up the phone

If you don't use the phone for a while, the Home screen or other screen you are viewing, is replaced with the lock screen and then the screen darkens, to conserve the battery. If you've locked your screen, you must draw an unlock pattern or enter a PIN or password to unlock it. See Locking your screen on page 45. If you haven't locked your screen, this lock screen appears. The last screen you were working on opens.

To star or unstar an location

You can star any location or labeled feature on a map. 1 Touch amp hold a location or labeled feature on a map. 2 Touch the balloon that opens. 3 Touch the gray star at the top of the screen to star the location. Or touch a gold star to unstar that location. The star turns gold and a gold star is added to the map at that location. Touch a star for more information about that location. Touch a star for more information about that location.