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If you've read Getting Started and Developing Apps, then you know how to build an Android application. (If you haven't read those sections you should now.)

Android is a large system though, and there's a lot to learn. The best apps always make the most of the system's features. The links below tell you how to write code that bends the system to your will, allowing you to create cool custom components and do amazing things with the many available APIs.

Design Philosophy

A manifesto explaining a technical philosophy and perspective that Android developers will find useful. By reading this page, you'll learn how to write applications that perform well on embedded devices (such as phone handsets), and that play nicely with other parts of the system.

Building Custom Components

Explains how to create custom Android components, such as Views, Services, and Content Providers. Read this, and you'll soon be knocking out great-looking, efficient, and useful components. You can use these to make your own application great, or you can share them with other applications.

Optional APIs

Describes the APIs that provide access to optional Android components, such as GPS and BlueTooth. Android aims to be more than just another OS, and so the system supports all the features you could hope for in a phone. This section will show you how to use the Location-Based Services (such as GPS, compass, etc.), OpenGL 3D graphics, Bluetooth, and accelerometer.

Note that the APIs described in this section are all optional; if your application truly requires one of these APIs, you should be sure that it fails gracefully if the features are not present on a given phone.

Google APIs and Services

Describes how to use the APIs for accessing Google services that are installed on many Android devices.

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