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Adding Facebook Support

Facebook is a popular social web service where people can connect, share pictures and video, and chat. Facebook provides a portal for developers who want to integrate Facebook functionality into third-party applications at http developers. facebook.com. You can find out more about the Facebook Platform for Mobile (Facebook Connect, Facebook SMS, and so on) at http wiki.developers.facebook. com index.php Mobile.

Using Facebook and Flickr in People

If your contacts have Facebook accounts, you can view their current status and upcoming events, and be notified when they change their profile information. You can also update your own Facebook status. In addition, if your contacts have Flickr accounts, you can see when they add new photos. Facebook and Flickr notifications are shown on the following tabs On the Updates and events tab of the people screen, notifications of contacts' upcoming events and updates to their profiles are displayed. Tap a notification to go to the Updates and events tab of the Contact Details screen for the relevant contact. of the Contact Details screen for each contact, the contact's Facebook status, profile updates, and upcoming events are displayed. Notifications of new photo uploads to Flickr are also displayed. Tap an item to open the browser and go to the relevant webpage in Facebook or Flickr. On the Albums tab of the Contact Details screen for each contact, the contact's recent Facebook and Flickr...

BFF Photo Facebook Upload

This simple but powerful app is great if you enjoy sharing and viewing photos on Face-book. It's easy to view all your friends' photos on your phone, and your own photos as well. In addition, you can shoot and upload both photos and videos directly from your phone. When viewing a photo, it's easy to Save to Gallery, which will save the file locally on your SD card. If you like posting your photos on Facebook and exploring all your friends' photos, this is a worthy app to install on your phone.

Create a Facebook Fan Page

Create a Facebook Fan page to showcase your new app and develop your brand. A number of popular game apps are using Facebook fan pages and have generated huge followings. Facebook fan pages are easy to set up and don't cost you a dime. Your app page can be found in the search engines as well, which is going to help people find you. Additionally, when a visitor joins your fan page, the update is broadcast to all members of that person's group. Thus, he or she is helping you to spread the word about your app. For more information on creating a Facebook Fan page, refer to Chapter 7.

Facebook Apps

Because Facebook is so enormously popular, chances are your phone already shipped with a decent Facebook app. If not, you can download the official Facebook app for free, or one of many competing Facebook apps, such as Facebook Touch. Figure 11-5 shows the official Facebook app and widget. Facebook's official app is great for personal networking. You can also use it to sync status updates with your contacts, and when the app is installed in Android 2.1 and higher, you can upload photos directly to Facebook from your phone using the photo sharing option covered in Chapter 9.

Using Facebook

Facebook has become an extremely powerful tool for creating a community and attracting users from a social perspective. In fact, Facebook has some 400+ million registered users and is still growing. It has such a large collection of users that it simply can't be ignored. You won't reach all of them, but your goal is to do the best you can to reach your market of interested users and buyers. Need more encouragement Here are some more reasons why you can't ignore Facebook as part of your marketing plan Half of the registered users log in daily to Facebook. Your app-buying audience is on Facebook. More than 65 million users access Facebook from their mobile devices. Using Facebook, you want to accomplish a couple things. First, you want to be found by people who are interested in buying your Android apps. Second, you want to connect with these potential customers and establish a relationship with them. You can use Facebook to create a business page for your app within a few minutes. You...


Facebook is meant for people to use their actual names instead of pseudonyms, and share information with small to large circles of acquaintance. However, Facebook has been facing increasing scrutiny over its privacy policies and confusing security settings, so when you use Facebook, the wisest course of action, as with any web site, is to assume anything you say is completely visible to the world. Facebook allows multiple types of posts from quick status updates to photos, videos, and longer notes. You can also link to articles, videos, and pictures hosted outside of Facebook and add apps that add games, group reading lists, and more. Facebook is also moving toward a universal Like button that allows you to interact with pages and web sites outside of Facebook. How do you manage both personal and business contacts on Facebook You can do it a couple of ways. One way I don't recommend to create multiple accounts. If you create multiple accounts using your real name, it will only serve...

Facebook for Android

Version 1.1.2 Facebook This app makes it easy to stay in touch with your Facebook friends, post status updates, adjust user settings, and most everything else you want to do with Face-book. Set the refresh interval to conserve your battery, and choose how you want to be notified of new Messages, Pokes, Requests, Events, and Invites. One nice feature is that if you click and hold on a message, you are prompted to choose Comment or Like, View Profile, or view any URLs in the message. CLEAN INTERFACE When you fire up this app, you're presented with six options click on one and you'll get the latest news from that area of your Facebook account. I actually like this app better than the web version of Facebook it's cleaner and not so cluttered with ads. I also love the news feed because I have fewer friends on Facebook than I do on Twitter, so I can see the posts from my Facebook friends better because there is less noise. facebook DIVE IN This app will take you deep into your Facebook...

Selecting Your Social Media Tools

The first step to selecting the right social media tools is to understand where your audience is and how they communicate online. In other words, don't just sign up for a bunch of social media sites thinking you'll do a little marketing of your app without first understanding where your buyers are and how they exchange information. If you have developed a really cool app for bowlers, you can do a search on different social media sites to see how many bowling fans there are in any given community. A search for bowling fans on Facebook, for example, reveals multiple fan groups. One fan group is shown in Figure 7.1. Figure 7.1 A search for bowling fans on Facebook reveals multiple groups, one of them quite large. Figure 7.1 A search for bowling fans on Facebook reveals multiple groups, one of them quite large. You can review groups for any topic of app that you are trying to market. However, many groups listed on Facebook are very small, sometimes 10-100, and that usually means there's...

Using the Contact Details screen

When you tap a contact on the People screen, the Contact Details screen opens, showing you the information stored for that contact, exchanged messages and phone calls with that contact, Facebook notifications, and more. The Contact Details screen has the following tabs Shows the contact's Facebook status, updates, and events, and shows when he or she uploads new photos to Flickr. When there is a notification of the contact's birthday, you can tap the notification to call the contact directly or send a message greeting. Shows the contact's Facebook and Flickr photo albums. For more information, see Using Facebook and Flickr in People in this chapter.

Integrating with Social Networking Services

Social networking has really come into its own in the past few years, allowing people to connect, keep in touch, and share information (for better or worse) about their lives. Many social networking sites have developed APIs for third-party developers, many of which are web services based on representational state transfer (REST). There has been an explosion in the number of applications available for social networks, such as Facebook. Writing an application that allows the user to view and update his or her personal blog, Twitter feed, and Facebook status.

Enhancing Your Application with Social Features

Social applications can be roughly divided into two categories those that are designed to access social networks, such as MySpace or Facebook, directly and applications that use social information to enhance the user's game experience. The Been There, Done That game is ideal for this latter use.

Multiple Google Accounts

To add another Gmail account to your Android 2.1 or above phone, go to the Home screen and press the Menu button. Choose Settings Accounts & sync. Next, press the button on the bottom of the screen labeled Add account. Depending on the software installed on your phone, you'll generally have three choices Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ActiveSync. If you've installed apps to connect with other accounts, you'll see more choices. For instance, my phone shows a choice for a TouchDown account, which is software for connecting to Exchange servers.

Handling App Widget User Events

You may have seen a number of App Widgets, such as the Facebook App Widget, present what look like EditText fields. However, if you click on them to enter text, you'll notice that in all cases, a different UI comes up to actually take the entry. This method is an excellent way to provide advanced controls within the limitations of the App Widget framework.

Android and Social Networking

One of the great promises of Android mobile phones is their ability to run applications that enhance opportunities for social networking between users. This promise echoes the reality of the Internet. The first generation of Internet applications were about user access to information, and many of those applications have been very popular. The second wave of Internet applications has been about connecting users to each other. Applications such as Facebook, YouTube, and many others enhance our ability to connect with people of similar interests, and allow the application's users to provide some or all of the content that makes the application what it is. Android has the potential to take that concept and add a new dimension mobility. It's expected that a whole new generation of applications will be built for users of mobile devices social networking applications that are easy to use while walking down the street applications

Integrate Your App with Other Apps

You can build your app to work with a number of very popular apps in the area of social media. Search the Android Market for popular apps around MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and many others. Look for ways to enhance or expand the use of these social networking sites with your Android app.

Using Social Media in Your App Marketing

When you hear the term social media, what comes to mind You're probably thinking of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, and many other websites that enable you to interact within a community of users. But social media is much more. It also includes blogs, RSS feeds, LinkedIn, del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, and other social marketing activities we will discuss in this chapter. Start soon to establish a presence. You cannot launch an app and hope to be known in your community a day or week later if you have never visited or made a single posting before. Building up contacts and friends takes time in the real world, and it's the same online. If you have not done so already, sign up for a few sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Android and Android tablet app blogs that pertain to your type of app. Do this before you even start coding your app, if possible, and you'll be ahead of the game.

Social networking and IM

It's easy to keep up with your social networks on your Android device. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter all have official apps to download free from the Android Market, each with a range of notification options. Third-party Twitter apps such as Twidroid, Swift and Seesmic offer alternative approaches. There's also support for all the major instant messaging (IM) platforms. Google Talk is preloaded on most devices, while apps such as Meebo, free from the Market, let you use this and other IM programs simultaneously, including AIM, Facebook Chat, ICQ, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo.

Tie Your App to Part of a Wider Solution

Perhaps the most popular category of apps is that of social networking-related apps. Any time there is a powerful and well-known Internet application such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and others, there is an opportunity for you to create an ancillary app to one of these (and many more) Web 2.0 technologies. Look for ways to add value to these applications and you may be able to create a blockbuster app that people will purchase to help them use these other technologies. Figure 2.9 shows a clever app that can aid Facebook users in updating their status. Figure 2.10 is another example that helps you use Twitter from your Android phone. Facebook Browser

Best App for Finding a Specific Spot

SHARE YOUR SPOTS You have the option to share your spots with friends via Twitter, Delicious, Facebook, text message, email, and QR Codes (two-dimensional barcodes). For example, you could send your friends a stop for a beer mes-sage. This would help your friends who might not be familiar with your local establishments. I think this app has tons of potential, especially for memory-challenged folks.

Optimize Your Web and Android Market Copy

If your app is connecting to another popular app such as Twitter or Facebook, be sure to mention the app by name in the body of your copy. This can help your app to appear when someone does a search for these popular apps. You'll also want to add keywords to your web copy to assist people in locating your app. It is widely believed that the more keywords you use in your Android Market copy, the higher your app will appear in the search rankings. Don't overdo it, but a generous use of keywords can't hurt.

Using the People screen

MMS, or email message to a whole group. For more information, see Working with groups in this chapter. Notifies you when your linked Facebook contacts update their profile, have upcoming events, or add photos to their account. This tab also shows when your linked Flickr contacts add photos to their accounts. See Using Facebook and Flickr in People in this chapter. Call history Lists all your dialed numbers and received and missed calls. See My contact card provides a convenient way to store your personal contact information so that you can easily send it via MMS. In addition, you can log in to your Facebook and Flickr accounts to receive notifications of your contacts' updates and events (for more information, see Using Facebook and Flickr in People in this chapter). 3. To log in to your Facebook or Flickr account so that you can receive friends' notifications, tap Facebook or Flickr and enter your login information. Has updated his or her Facebook profile or has added photos on...

Using Vonage

Vonage for Facebook is another app that makes calls over the internet, but with this you call friends from their Facebook profile page. Neither party needs to give out a phone number. It's free and you don't have to subscribe to a specific VoIP service. Calls are made over 3G or Wi-Fi, whichever connection is available. After installing the app, you sign into your Facebook account and select a friend to call. If you're on the receiving end, the app launches automatically and you can accept or decline.


Another way you can cut down on your inbox clutter is to only sync certain labels. Press Labels in the general settings of the account you want to change. You can choose how far back you want to sync messages in your inbox and which labels to sync on a case-by-case basis. I put an automatic filter on alerts from Facebook, for instance, and then I do not sync them from my phone.


Some of your contacts are going to come with pictures without your having to do any extra work these pictures may come from Facebook or Google profiles. However, not everyone will have a picture already associated with their name. You don't need a picture to go with every contact, but sometimes it's nice to put a face with a name.

Sharing Photos

Picasa is the default option for web albums, but it certainly isn't the only option. You can share photos using Gmail, Email, and MMS messaging, or using a paired Bluetooth device for Bluetooth-capable phones. On many phones, Facebook sharing is also included by default.

Creating Fan Pages

You set up fan pages through the Ads and Pages application. If you don't have any pages, search for Ads and Pages from within Facebook. I'd suggest using a desktop browser to get this set up. NOTE Whether or not you are Facebook friends with colleagues, business partners, or customers, it's just bad business to badmouth any of them. They may not be able to see what you've said, but it's not hard to copy and paste. The last thing you need is for casual gossip to get back to the victim. People have been fired for less.


Add as many contacts to your Home screen as will fit. But why stop there Instead of adding a single contact, you can add a folder. To do this, long-click the Home screen and select Folder. You'll be presented with several choices for including contacts, such as all contacts, contacts with phone numbers, starred contacts, and Facebook phone numbers. You can also add a blank folder.


This is a strong honorable mention, as Palringo is an instant messaging client specifically designed for mobile, making it really simple to use. Chat and send picture and voice messages to all your friends from one contact list. Taking advantage of Android's multitasking abilities, you can keep in touch with all your buddies on the most popular IM services without installing or switching between different applications. Palringo allows you to chat to your friends on MSN, AIM, iChat, ICQ, Yahoo , Jabber, Gtalk, Gadu-Gadu, and Facebook.

About People

In People, you can easily manage your communications with contacts via phone, messaging, and email. You can also view updates on their Facebook and Flickr accounts, as well as updating your own Facebook status. If you are synchronizing contacts with your Google account, with your PC, and or with an Exchange Server, any contacts stored in those accounts are displayed in People. For more information on synchronizing accounts, see Contact sources in this chapter.


Those supported include popular services such as AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and the IM services that Meebo provides to the Facebook and MySpace social networks. In contrast, the web browser version of Meebo supports 54 different instant messaging services and social networks, at the last count. But we're not just talking Facebook, Twitter and your favoured IM client here. More than 30 social networks and streaming services are supported, so you can monitor and change the m Many venues already offer discounts or freebies for Foursquare users checking in -a neat way of tempting you to cross the street and buy their pastries rather than a rival's. Becoming friends with other people via the service is also part of the fun, and you can then message each other. Tell Twitter or Facebook you've checked in somewhere with a 4sq.com location link and you can tip others off about

What is a Smartphone

To provide some perspective on how application interfaces vary across platform, Figures 1-1 to 1-5 illustrate how two applications, WorldMate and Facebook, are realized across various platforms. These specific applications are not implemented using cross-platform frameworks, but are included to provide context on design decisions made in cross-platform implementation. As you will see, the two applications look quite Figure 1-4. Facebook BlackBerry Figure 1-4. Facebook BlackBerry facebook facebook Ph ,os H L 901 facebook Figure 1-5. Facebook iPhone Figure 1-5. Facebook iPhone

Hello Android

In the days before Twitter and Facebook, when Google was still a twinkle in its founders' eyes and dinosaurs roamed the earth, mobile phones were just that portable phones small enough to fit inside a briefcase, featuring batteries that could last up to several hours. They did however offer the freedom to make calls without being physically connected to a landline.

Buddy Runner

PACE ME Record your speed, duration, calories burned, and distance as you run. After uploading your stats to your personal dashboard on the Buddy Runner website, you'll get even more details and ways to view your data, including your average speed, pace splits for miles, and an elevation map. You can even integrate directly with Twitter and Facebook to automatically share your run details as soon as they're uploaded.

HTC and Sense

Sense is a user interface system based around widgets. Widgets are small, always-on applications that run on your phone Home screen for specific purposes, like showing weather information or posting Twitter updates. This is similar to Windows Gadgets on desktop computers. When Android 1.6 was only offering three screens for customization, Sense offered seven. The screens use scenes centered around common activities, such as work and social media, and HTC created several custom widgets to make using phone activities easier. Sense also ties some information together, such as combining phone contact information and Facebook. Motorola's user interface enhancement is MOTOBLUR, also known simply as Blur. Blur is meant primarily as a social networking feature that combines feeds from e-mail messages and sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr, and places the messages directly on the Home screen of the phone without requiring you to log into separate apps. MOTOBLUR also allows native syncing...

To delete a contact

You can't delete contacts from a read-only account, such as Facebook. Instead, a dialog informs you that the contact will be hidden. To restore hidden contacts from a read-only account, you must delete that account from your phone and then add it again. If the contact contains information from both editable accounts (such as Contacts) and from a read-only account (such as Facebook), a dialog informs you that the information from the read-only account will be hidden, not deleted.

Automatic Filters

I use filters to automatically prioritize messages from business contacts with stars and subject labels. I declutter by archiving distracting mailing lists I may want to read later and notifications from Facebook and Twitter. I also make sure important senders never have their messages marked as spam.


Other apps taking advantage of the mobile platform (and are not necessarily paid apps) include commerce apps from companies such as eBay and Amazon, email apps such as Constant Contact, social networking apps for Facebook and MySpace, travel apps (from Hotels.com, for example), and many others. Here are some other reasons why companies should look at the Android platform as a new way to reach their audience

Usb Luiii Icilcu

Plurk is another microblogging alternative to Twitter and Facebook. It organizes posts on a timeline and assigns karma for participation. Like Tumblr, it allows easier multimedia embedding, and it has built-in privacy settings to make it useful for both small and large groups. Posts are organized on a scrolling horizontal timeline, which allows threaded responses. The Web timeline interface makes it challenging to translate to a phone app, but the app, PlurQ (shown in Figure 11-4), does a good job of attempting it.

Cross Posting

So, once you're up and running with all these social media services, many of which use similar posting formats, how do you manage your time posting to them You can take advantage of cross-posting tools and focus on the tool or format that is easiest or most rewarding for you. Increasingly, apps are offering built-in cross-posts to and from Twitter and Facebook. If you're primarily a blogger but want to add tweets to announce new blog entries, one way to do it is through Twitterfeed, at http twitterfeed.com. This is a free service that takes just about any blog feed and translates it into a shortened Twitter or Facebook post. You specify any prefix or suffix and how you want the post to be shortened, as shown in Figure 11-10. Networked Blogs (www.networkedblogs.com) is a tool for porting blog posts into Facebook fan pages. There are many other solutions as well, including free and paid apps. If you want to go beyond simply scooping a feed from one place and putting it into another, you...

Recent Checkins

In both Gowalla and Foursquare, the object is to check into locations. You need to use a phone or other location-sensing mobile device. You can't just manually type in a location. You can share these check-ins with nobody, your friends, your Facebook page, or the whole world via Twitter. Location-sensing games are a growing trend, and social networks like Twitter and Facebook have started to incorporate the idea. Yelp, a social restaurant review site, has also added check-ins to its feature list. If your company is interested in location-sensitive promotions, it might be time to think about playing Foursquare or Gowalla to get a feel for the appeal. Location-sensitive information also brings up privacy concerns. Pay attention to apps as you install them, and learn what they share and how to turn this sharing off when desired. New apps sometimes add features without thinking about the privacy implications, so just be aware that your location information may accidentally be tweeted or...

Push Notifications

These are all accessed in a platform-independent way using the Titanium SDK from JavaScript. Moreover, the platform also includes wrappers that make it easy to integrate Twitter, Facebook, RSS, and SOAP APIs directly into your application, plus access to sockets, http connections, the native file system, and local database storage.

Any Post

If you are like most people, you have accounts on several social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Plaxo, Plurk, and others. In fact, you may already use Ping.fm to update your status on all of them from one place. You can do the same thing from your phone using the AnyPost app, which uses the Ping.fm APIs to update all your social networks with one post. You can also post pictures from this app, and include your GPS location in your posting. Facebook

Whats Next

One of the biggest trends in gaming in the last couple of years has been the integration with social media and services. Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit have become a part of many people's lives. And those people want to have their friends and family with them in their games as well. What's cooler than having your Dad beat you in the latest iteration of Zombie Shooter 13, right Both Twitter and Facebook provide APIs that let you interact with their services. Want to give the user a way to tweet their latest high score in your game No problem integrate the Twitter API and away you go.

Other Photo Apps

If you prefer not to use Picasa for your online photo albums, you can use Photobucket, Flickr, or Facebook, so long as you have a compatible app installed. You can also share photos using Bump, an app that allows you to exchange contact info by physically bumping the phone of another user. Bump was previously an iPhone-only app, but it is now cross-platform compatible with Android users.

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