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Covert Commissions is Done For You Sales Funnels service for highly converting evergreen products. You just have to send traffic to a squeeze page giving away a free report to pre-sell the main offer. This product helps you build an email list and then monetize it through affiliate marketing. Email marketing is the heartbeat of affiliate marketing business, and with Covert Commissions, you will be able to successfully create a list that you can earn from. Everything is already set up, you don't have to struggle setting up an affiliate marketing campaign by yourself like in other competing products. The product involves easy-to-follow steps that even beginners can use to launch a successful affiliate campaign. Covert Commissions involves some DFY resources including squeeze page/landing page/opt-in page, confirmation page, Thank you page, download page, and follow-up sequence. Covert Commissions is a product of Cindy Donovan. The product was first launched in 2015 by IM Wealth Builders, which Cindy was a part of it. But soon she left the company to form her own called Wildfire Concepts. She then bought Covert Commissions form IM Wealth Builders in 2017 and re-launched it in 2018 with additional services that made the product more appealing. Cindy Donovan is a seasoned digital product creator, having launched more than 10 products on JVZoo. More here...

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Working with the Telephony Manager

The telephony APIs also include the telephony manager (android.telephony.TelephonyManager), which you can use to obtain information about the telephony services on the device, get subscriber information, and register for telephony state changes. A common telephony use case requires that an application execute business logic upon incoming phone calls. So in this section, we are going to show you how to register for telephony state changes and how to detect incoming phone calls. Listing 9-9 shows the details. When dealing with phone-state changes, you might also need to get the subscriber's (user's) phone number. TelephonyManager.getLine1Number() will return that for you.

Welcome to the Warescription

All editions of CommonsWare titles, print and ebook, follow a softwarestyle numbering system. Major releases (1.0, 2.0, etc.) are available in both print and ebook minor releases (0.1, 0.9, etc.) are available in ebook form for Warescription subscribers only. Releases ending in .9 are release candidates for the next major release, lacking perhaps an index but otherwise being complete. Each Warescription ebook is licensed for the exclusive use of its subscriber and is tagged with the subscribers name. We ask that you not distribute these books. If you work for a firm and wish to have several employees have access, enterprise Warescriptions are available. Just contact us at enterprise

Automating the Emergency Responder

In the following example, you'll fill in the code behind the Setup Auto Responder button added in the previous example, to let the Emergency Responder automatically respond to status update requests. 1. Start by creating a new autoresponder.xml layout resource that will be used to lay out the automatic response configuration window. Include an EditText for entering a status message to send, a Spinner for choosing the auto-response expiry time, and a checkBox to let users decide whether they want to include their location in the automated responses. 4. Now create a new AutoResponder Activity, populating it with the layout you created in Step 1. public class AutoResponder extends Activity Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) setContentView(R.layout.autoresponder) 5. Update onCreate further to get references to each of the controls in the layout and wire up the Spinner using the arrays defined in Step 3. Create two new stub methods,...

Retrieving Telephony Information

Returns the IMEI for GSM phones or the MEID for CDMA phones. You can also get the unique subscriber identifier (such as IMSI for GSM subscribers) by using the getSubscriberId() method. You've already seen how to access roaming information from the networking services, found in Hour 15, Adding Network Support. You can also determine whether the subscriber service is roaming by using the isNetworkRoaming() method of the TelephonyManager class. This is not necessarily a reliable method for determining whether a user will be charged extra for data or phone calls but you can consider it a hint that the user might be charged (depending on the user's service plan). However, an application could use this information to prompt the user to choose whether to allow network usage when roaming, with a message such as Your handset appears to be roaming. Would you like to continue

Getting Fancy with Lists

The humble ListView is one of the most important widgets in all of Android, simply because it is used so frequently. Whether choosing a contact to call or an email message to forward or an ebook to read, ListView widgets are employed in a wide range of activities. Of course, it would be nice if they were more than just plain text.

Adding and editing email accounts

The Email setup wizard helps you set up your account for many popular email systems, including those based on IMAP and POP3, so you can read and work with the same email as you do on a computer in Thunderbird, Mac Mail, in a web browser, or with another email application. If your service provider requires additional settings, or if your service provider is unknown to Email, you can enter the necessary details manually, though you will typically need to contact your email service provider to determine the right settings for your account.

Mobile Operators Delivering the Android Experience

After you have the phones, you have to get them out to the users. Mobile operators from North, South, and Central America Europe,Asia, India,Australia,Africa, and the Middle East have joined the OHA, ensuring a worldwide market for the Android movement. With almost half a billion subscribers alone, telephony giant China Mobile is a founding member of the alliance.

Incoming server settings

Depending on the requirements of your email service provider, your full email address or just your username (that is, the part before in your email address). The fully resolved domain name of your email service provider's IMAP server, for example, Set the Security type first to enter the typical server port number in this field automatically. Or enter a different port number if your email service provider requires it. Select the security type required by your email service provider. Select the (Accept all certificates) option for your security type to accept a server certificate from your IMAP server that is self-signed, out of date, or in some other way not accepted by the Email application. Leave blank unless instructed to enter a specific prefix by your email service provider. Depending on the requirements of your email service provider, your full email address or just your username (that is, the part before in your email address). The...

Accessing Phone Status Information

In addition to the wide variety of Android SDK networking libraries you have learned about thus far, you can also access phone status and telephony information by using the TelephonyManager class. The TelephonyManager class allows an Android application to access information about the phone carrier network, cellular data connection, subscriber identity module (SIM), and the device.

Measures Your Progress

A marketing plan can help you track your progress from initial development of your app through product launch, along with the various marketing campaigns you employ to sell your Android app. Much of the measurement aspect of a marketing plan will include budgets. You'll set a budget for your app development costs, and you'll set budgets for marketing campaigns. You should measure the amount you spend on a campaign and the number of sales derived from that campaign. Although you won't be able to pinpoint exact sales, your campaigns should yield a noticeable uptick in app sales. If you don't see that uptick in sales after implementing an ad campaign, email campaign, promotional campaign, or other campaign, you'll need to make adjustments to your marketing activities to create better results.

Using the People screen

MMS, or email message to a whole group. For more information, see Working with groups in this chapter. Notifies you when your linked Facebook contacts update their profile, have upcoming events, or add photos to their account. This tab also shows when your linked Flickr contacts add photos to their accounts. See Using Facebook and Flickr in People in this chapter. Call history Lists all your dialed numbers and received and missed calls. See On the Groups tab, you can assign contacts to groups so you can easily send an SMS, MMS, or email message to a whole group. You can also sync groups on your phone with the groups in your Google account, accessible via your PC's web browser. To send an email message to all contacts in a group

In the Inbox press MENU and then tap View labels Sent Receiving and reading emails

Depending on your notification settings, the phone plays a ring tone, vibrates, or displays the email message briefly in the status bar when you receive a new email. A new email message ((E)) icon also appears on the notifications area of the status bar to notify you of a new email.

Installing and opening an application

2 In the item details screen, read more about the application, including its overall rating, and comments by users. If you scroll down to the About the developer section, you can view more applications by this developer, visit the developer's website, and send the developer an email message.

How can I stay informed of Android security announcements

An important part of sustainably securing a platform, such as, Android is keeping the user and security community informed of bugs and fixes. We will publicly announce security bugs when the fixes are available via postings to the android-security-announce group on Google Groups. You can subscribe to this group as you would a mailing list and view the archives here.

To download and install an application

In the application's details screen, you can read more about the application, including its cost, overall rating, and comments by users. Scroll down to the About the developer section to view more applications by this developer, visit the developer's web site, or send the developer an email message.

Press Menu and touch Add account

If you touch Next, Email attempts to communicate with your email service provider to validate your account for sending and receiving mail, using just your email address and password. This is sufficient for most email services. Depending on the service provider, you may be asked what kind of email account you have. If you're not sure, check the settings in the application you use to send and receive email on your computer, or ask your email service provider. The details you enter are different, depending on the email service type. These details are described in Changing email account settings on page 187. Contact your email service provider for the values required for your account. Email starts downloading your email messages and you can start using it to send and receive messages using the new account.

Set the right tone

You can use any of these options to customise how you want to be notified about different events. You might, for example, want to hear a sound and get a vibration when new email messages arrive on your personal Gmail account, but receive only a visual notification without any sound when messages arrive in your work email inbox.


Each subscriber gets personalized editions of all editions of each title both those mirroring printed editions and in-between updates that are only available in ebook form. That way, your ebooks are never out of date for long, and you can take advantage of new material as it is made available instead of having to wait for a whole new print edition. For example, when new releases of the Android SDK are made available, this book will be quickly updated to be accurate with changes in the APIs. From time to time, subscribers will also receive access to subscriber-only online material, both short articles and not-yet-published new titles.

Introducing Android

The mobile development community is at a tipping point. Mobile users demand more choice, more opportunities to customize their phones, and more functionality. Mobile operators want to provide value-added content to their subscribers in a manageable and lucrative way. Mobile developers want the freedom to develop the powerful mobile applications users demand with minimal roadblocks to success. Finally, handset manufacturers want a stable, secure, and affordable platform to power their devices. Up until now a single mobile platform has adequately addressed the needs of all the parties.

Striking a Balance

The best way to determine how much to spend on your marketing is to do a small trial before launching an all-out marketing campaign. If you plan to do an email campaign about your app, then send out 100 emails first to see what the response is before sending out a blast to 10,000. You'll save money and time by testing what works beforehand.

Gmail is different

Gmail is for Gmail Of course you can use Gmail to send email to any email address, and anyone can send email to you at your Gmail address. But if you want to read messages from another email service provider (using your AOL, Yahoo , or other email account), you use the Email application. See Email on page 173.

Managing Your Email

You probably get dozens, if not hundreds, of email messages a day. With that volume of email coming in, you have to stay organized. Fortunately, Gmail offers some good organization options. Back on your mobile device, when you log into Gmail either through your browser or through the Gmail Mobile application, you then can use labels to organize your email messages. Another method of organizing your email messages is to use the Star option with them. Starring a message causes a yellow star to appear on the message, and then the message is filed in the Starred folder when you archive it. If you star a message and later want to unstar it, you can open the message, press the Menu key, and touch Remove Star. This puts the message back in the All Mail category if the message had any other labels, it will appear in those folders as well.

Automatic Filters

I use filters to automatically prioritize messages from business contacts with stars and subject labels. I declutter by archiving distracting mailing lists I may want to read later and notifications from Facebook and Twitter. I also make sure important senders never have their messages marked as spam.


Some companies may charge for their extended apps, but most give them away for free, with the idea that only existing subscribers or account holders of their products will use these apps. Kraft Foods has seen tremendous success with its iFood Assistant app, which currently sells for 0.99 on the Android Market. The app provides over 7,000 recipes (with Kraft ingredients, of course) and a store locator.

Email Anywhere

If you're using an Android-enabled phone, you're probably using it to send and receive email messages. Fortunately, the Android phone has multiple email capabilities. You can use Gmail, which is probably the best option with the Android phone, or you can enable other web-based email services from the Android phone.

Using Mail

Popular web-based email service providers such as Yahoo Mail Plus, and AOL . Date (Most recent Oldest) Sorts email messages by the time you received it. Subject (A-Z Z-A) Alphabetically sort email messages by subject. Sender (A-Z Z-A) Alphabetically sort email messages by sender.


You might like to know one last neat trick about your contacts. Unfortunately, the Android phone doesn't have a speed-dial system set up. So each time you need to call someone, you have to open the Dialer, the Call Log, or Contacts, or (if you're a T-Mobile subscriber) use your MyFaves application. You can also use the Voice Dialer, if that's your preference. But it can still be a little frustrating not to have speed-dial available.

Google Goes Wireless

The company's initial forays into mobile were beset with all the problems you would ex-pect.The freedoms Internet users enjoyed were not shared by mobile phone subscribers. Internet users can choose from the wide variety of computer brands, operating systems, Internet service providers, and web browser applications.

Adding contacts

When you reply to or forward an email message to an email address that is not in Contacts, the email address is added as a contact. Contacts tries to join new addresses with existing contacts, to create a single entry. You can also manage that process manually. See Joining contacts on page 98 and Separating contact information on page 99.

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