The Android Market is a Google-hosted service you can use for posting all your programs. To get started with publishing, you first need to sign up as a registered developer on the publisher's website (also known as the Developer Console).7 There is a small registration fee.

As an additional step, if you want to charge for your program, you'll need to sign up with a payment processor. The publisher's website will instruct you on how to do that. As of this writing, only Google Checkout is supported, but in the future, other processors such as PayPal may be supported.

Now you're ready to upload. Click the Upload Application link, and fill out the form. Here are three tips:

• Turn Copy Protection off. Android's copy protection is completely insecure and performs no useful function other than to irritate your users.

• Unless you have a reason not to, set the Locations option to All Current and Future Countries. New countries are being added all the time, and this way your application will be available to all of them.



• Do not supply your phone number in the application Contact Information. All Market users will be able to see this number, and they will call it when they have problems. Of course, if you have a dedicated number and staff for phone support, then this tip doesn't apply.

Just to give you an example, here's how I filled out the form for an application I published called Re-Translate Pro (an updated version of the translate example from Section 7.4, Using Web Services, on page 147):

Application .apk file: (select Browse and Upload) Language: English (en_US) Title (en_US): Re-Translate Pro Description (en_US):

Re-Translate translates a phrase from one language to another and then back again so you can make sure you're saying what you meant.

Try the Lite version to see if you like it first.


- Translates instantly as you type

- Long press for copy/paste

- Directly send SMS/Email

Application Type: Applications Category: Tools Price: USD $1.99

Copy Protection Off

Locations All Current and Future Countries with Payment

Website: Email: [email protected] Phone: (blank)

When you click the Publish button, your application will appear immediately on the Android Market on all applicable devices. That's right, there is no approval process, no waiting period (other than a few seconds to update the download servers), and no limits to what you can do in your programs. Well, almost. You still have to follow the Android Content Guidelines.8 Failure to adhere to the guidelines could result in your application being removed from the Android Market. Among other things, the guidelines say that your content must not be illegal, be obscene, promote hate or violence, or be unsuitable for anyone younger than 18 years of age. In addition, it must not knowingly violate


an authorized carrier's terms of service. There have been rare cases of programs being pulled because of user or carrier complaints, but as long as you use common sense, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.

The next section covers updates to already published applications.

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