New for FroYo and Beyond

Android 2.2 (FroYo) supports application installation on external storage (SD cards), a much faster Java virtual machine, OpenGL ES 2.0 APIs, and more.6 Section 13.6, Installing on the SD Card, on page 268 explains how to set up your program to install on external storage and when you should and shouldn't do that.







Android 1.5 (or newer) is now available for all shipping Android devices. All new devices have it installed, and Google says that almost all older devices have upgraded. See the Android Device Dashboard7 for the latest market share of active Android devices in the wild. This edition of the book does not cover version 1.1 or earlier.

Note: It may be a while before all devices are upgraded to the latest version of Android (if ever), so Chapter 13, Write Once, Test Everywhere, on page 256 covers how to create a single program that supports multiple versions. All the examples in this book have been tested on versions 1.5 through 2.2.

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