Fast Forward

In this chapter, we learned how to use the multi-touch API to create a pinch zoom gesture. There's a nice site called GestureWorks5 that describes a whole library of gestures that have been implemented on the Adobe Flash platform. If you're willing to push the limits of Android's quirky multi-touch support, then perhaps you can find ideas there for other gestures to implement in your Android programs.

Because multi-touch code uses new methods that didn't exist before Android 2.0, if you try to run the touch example on earlier versions, it will fail with a "Force close" error. Luckily, there are ways around this limitation, as described in Section 13.3, Evolving with Android APIs, on page 259. You can't teach an old phone new tricks, but you can at least keep it from crashing.

In the next chapter, we'll investigate home screen extensions, including live wallpaper.


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