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In this chapter, we learned how to store data in an Android SQL database. If you want to do more with SQL, you'll need to learn about more statements and expressions than the ones we covered here. A book such as SQL Pocket Guide [Gen06] by Jonathan Gennick or The Definitive Guide to SQLite [0we06] by Mike Owens would be a good investment, but keep in mind that the SQL syntax and functions vary slightly from database to database.

4. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) is an Internet standard for describing the type of any kind of content.

Another option for data storage on Android is db4o.5 This library is larger than SQLite and uses a different license (GNU Public License), but it's free and may be easier for you to use, especially if you don't know SQL.

The SimpleCursorAdapter introduced in this chapter can be customized to show more than just text. For example, you could display rating stars or sparklines or other views based on data in the Cursor. Look for ViewBinder in the SimpleCursorAdapter documentation for more information.6

And now for something completely different...the next chapter will cover 3D graphics with OpenGL.



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