F Embrace and Extend

One of the unique and powerful qualities of Android is that all applications have a level playing field. What I mean is that the system applications have to go through the same public API that you use. You can even tell Android to make your application replace the standard applications if you want.

• Content providers: These objects encapsulate data that needs to be shared between applications, such as contacts. See Section 2.3, Content Providers, on page 40.

• Resource manager: Resources are anything that goes with your program that is not code. See Section 2.4, Using Resources, on page 40.

• Location manager: An Android phone always knows where it is. See Chapter 8, Locating and Sensing, on page 161.

• Notification manager: Events such as arriving messages, appointments, proximity alerts, alien invasions, and more can be presented in an unobtrusive fashion to the user.

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