Running on the iPhone

You will need the iPhone SDK that is only available for Macintosh computers installed for this section. For details on setting up the iPhone development environment, including building for a device, see Chapter 2. This section will walk you through how to build using the Rhodes platform, which depends on the Apple SDK and tools to build for the iPhone or iPad. In your application directory, on the command line, enter: "rake run:iphone". You will see a lot of text output and it may take a minute or so before the iPhone simulator launches. When the simulator appears, you won't see your application. You need to click on one of the dots on the bottom or drag the screen to show the screen to the right where your application is. (Note: the simulator may appear as an iPad or an iPhone Rhodes applications work on both. If you would like to see your application on a different device, select Hardware > Device from the simulator menu and choose an alternate device.) See Figure 6-2 for an illustration of how the simulator looks after navigating to the screen with the application and then after the application is opened.

$ cd inventory/ $ rake run:iphone

If you get an error about it not finding the iphone sdk, please check your build.yml file and if necessary, edit it to match the iPhone SDK version that you have installed.

Figure 6-2. Running on iPhone

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