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You can build for the Android on Mac, Windows or Linux. For details on setting up the Android development environment, including building for a device, see chapter 3. Note that you will need the Android Native development environment (NDK), as well as the SDK and related components, but you will not need Eclipse. After the initial setup, building for the Android and testing in the simulator is the same as building for the iPhone, except that the rake tasks have "android" instead of "iphone" in the name and the log files are found in different places.

In your application directory, on the command line, enter: "rake run:android". You will see a lot of text output and it will take several minutes before the Android emulator launches. When the emulator appears, you won't see your application. You need to select the menu tab on the bottom of the screen to reveal all applications and you will likely need to scroll to the bottom of that screen (Figure 6-3).

$ cd inventory/ $ rake run:android

$ cd inventory/ $ rake run:android

Figure 6-3. Running on Android f 1

Figure 6-3. Running on Android

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