Installation and Setup

Before you install Rhodes, you will need to install Ruby and Ruby's library packaging system, RubyGems, as well as GNU make. Rhodes is distributed as a Ruby gem, which includes the Rhodes framework and all of the tools needed to work with each target smartphone platform.

■ GNU make 3.80 or higher (required by gem). You might already have it installed if you are running Mac OS X or Linux. On Windows, download it from and install somewhere. Ensure you have the location where it installed in your PATH environment variable.

To install the gem (sudo is recommended on Mac and Linux):

gem install rhodes

You will also need the device SDKs for your target platform. For details on installing the device SDKs, see chapters 2-5 or Rhomobile platform docs.1

Once you have the device SDK installed, run the Rhodes setup script (by typing "rhodes-setup" on the command line). Listing 6-2 shows sample output from this command run on a Mac with Android SDK installed. (Note: the iPhone SDK does not require configuration.)

Listing 6-2. Rhodes setup commands

$ rhodes-setup

We will ask you a few questions below about your dev environment.

JDK path (required) (/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework^ /Versions/CurrentJDK/Home/):

Android 1.5 SDK path (blank to skip) (): ~/android/android-sdk-mac_x86-1.5_r2 Windows Mobile 6 SDK CabWiz (blank to skip) (): BlackBerry JDE 4.6 (blank to skip) (): BlackBerry JDE 4.6 MDS (blank to skip) (): BlackBerry JDE 4.2 (blank to skip) (): BlackBerry JDE 4.2 MDS (blank to skip) ():

If you want to build with other BlackBerry SDK versions edit: <Home Directory>/src/rhomobile/rhodes/rhobuild.yml

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