Resolving General Events

When a general event is drawn from the general event deck, it is placed in the first general event space by the board, moving any event already there to the second general event space (which in turn knocks any event in the second general event space entirely off the track).

Often, general events move an NPC to a specific location on the map and give that location a temporary location ability. When this happens, move the NPC's status marker onto the map to show the NPC's location. If an event that affects and NPC is drawn and that NPC has already been eliminated from the game, that event's effect ends (see below) immediately.

An event's effect can end in three different ways: the NPC associated with it can be eliminated or redirected to a new event, the event effect can end as described on the card, or the event can fall off the event track. When an event's effect ends, turn the event facedown in its general event space and do not resolve it. It continues to occupy a space on the event track, but no longer has any mechanical impact on the game past that. Any NPCs associated with an event whose effect has ended are removed from the map and returned to their owners.

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