Object of the Game

In the futuristic city of New Angeles, five detectives are investigating a vital murder case. They are:

Caprice Nisei, Psychic Clone Floyd 2X3A7C, Doubting Bioroid Louis Blaine, Corrupt Cop Rachel Beckmann, Estranged Bounty Hunter Raymond Flint, Troubled P.I.

In Android, three to five players each take on the role of one of these detectives, and are given two weeks to solve the case. They investigate the murder by traveling around the map and following up leads to discover evidence that they can use to convict the suspect who they believe is guilty. In addition, they attempt to uncover the conspiracy behind the murder and deal with problems that spring up in their personal lives. The detective who best manages all of these tasks and collects the most victory points (VPs) wins the game.

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