Lily Lockwell the Reporter

Lily Lockwell is a roving reporter who is trying to write a story about the murder that the detectives are investigating. She can be both a help and a hindrance for the detectives.

When a detective enters Lily's location, he must spend 1 Time if he has any left, as Lily questions him. If the Time is spent, she slips the detective some info in return, since she knows that it's best to keep her contacts happy. As a result, the player may choose one piece of evidence on any suspect sheet and reveal it, turning it faceup. After talking to Lily, the player moves her. Lily must be moved to a location of the same type (color) in a different district, just like a lead that is being moved. Lily may be moved to a location that already contains a lead, but can not be moved to limmy the Snitch's location.

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