Although there are several suspects in the murder, only one of them actually committed the crime. The other suspects, however, are important witnesses - witnesses

Heinlein was originally established as a starport and mining facility. The moon's soil proved to contain Helium-3, an isotope particularly suited as fuel for modern fusion reactors. Competition for this mineral was one of the major contributing factors that led to the war.

that the real murderer wouldn't mind seeing dead. The amount of danger a given suspect is in of being killed is represented by hit tokens. The more a suspect accumulates, the closer he is to being silenced.

Hit tokens are normally placed as a bonus when a player reveals information and places a puzzle piece, or when he uses the Humanity Labor (H1) location ability.

When a player is instructed to place a hit token on a suspect, he chooses one of the active suspects and places a hit token on that suspect's sheet. If a suspect ever has three hits on his sheet, that suspect is immediately killed. When a suspect is killed, return all of the evidence, hit, and alibi tokens on his suspect sheet to their respective piles, and then turn the suspect sheet facedown.

After a suspect is killed, hit tokens may not be removed from that suspect (although some game effects do allow hit tokens to be removed from a suspect before he dies).

At the end of the game, neither guilty nor innocent hunches indicating dead suspects pay off. The suspect clearly wasn't the murderer, and he may have been innocent, but he's dead now, so who cares?

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