Example of Movement

In this example, Floyd and Caprice are at the Old War Memorial (B1) and wish to move to Weyland Real Estate (B3).

Caprice, on the other hand, is just able to reach Weyland Real Estate with her vehicle ruler, as it is slightly faster than Floyd's. Because her ruler reaches, she can move to Weyland Real Estate from the Old War Memorial for 1 Time.

Looking at a comparison of Floyd and Caprice's vehicle rulers from above the board, their respective reaches look like this.

Measuring, Floyd finds that his vehicle ruler doesn't quite reach Weyland Real Estate, so he is unable to move directly there by spending 1 Time. He will have to stop somewhere else (such as City Hall) on the way.

The beanstalk opened in '35 after ten years of grueling construction. it was a feat of engineering similar in scope to building the hoover dam. Officially named "the New Angeles Space Elevator," it gained its nickname almost before the blueprints were dry, mostly due to the workers' efforts to tease the designer, jack weyland. "jack's beanstalk" now generates approximately 30% of New Angeles' economy. if--

tective cannot move there. He will have to stop somewhere closer to his original location on the way to his ultimate destination.

Detectives must always move to and stop on locations. They cannot simply "float" on the board in the space between the various locations.

Detectives cannot move between the Earth and the Moon except by using the Beanstalk (see page 17) or through the use of a dropship pass (see page 18).

Important: When moving, players must always pause after each movement between a pair of locations, to give other players a chance to react to the move with cards or other effects.

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