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This product created by a best-selling author in NewYork Times and heis an influencer in the field of online businesses. He has worked on many products and guides that show his expertise in the field and he crafted this easy step by step set of tutorial videos to help people creates their online business and build it from scratch. His method involves Wordpress and blogging and contains 3 easy phases for your blog. The first one deals with setting up the account and the domain, the second has to do the set of skills required and how to utilizecertain mediumsfor your success. The finals step includes makingsales and generating a big profit with very little effort every single day. It also contains information on how to maintainvisitors and fans through certain techniques and tricks so you can keep your progress going up and never fall into the stagnating zone. You will be getting over 100 videos of 10 hours total that contains over 130 step by step tutorials and ways you can achieve success in the Wordpress blogging platform easily. The product also does not require a great deal of knowledgeto access the product as you will be getting instant access to the videos that will be your guide to making a minimum 1000$ every month if followed correctly. Continue reading...

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Overall my first impression of this book is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

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Niche Blogging Profits Summary

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Getting Your News

Ed Burnette, a nice guy who happened to write his own Android book, is also the manager of Planet Android,11 a feed aggregator for a number of Android-related blogs. Subscribing to the planet's feed will let you monitor quite a few Android-related blog posts, though not exclusively related to programming. Now to focus more on programming-related Android-referencing blog posts you can search DZone for android and subscribe to a feed12 based on that search.

Breaking into the Android Market Top Paid Apps

There is no one single formula for breaking into the top paid (or top 50 or top 10 for that matter). This has been proven by different developers who have told their story of making it into the top paid through articles and blog posts over the past year. So, although I can't pinpoint an exact formula for success, I can give you some common elements that are part of the most successful apps. These things we know must happen to some degree in order to reach orbital velocity.

Twitter and Microblogs

Twitter is part of a new generation of short, public blogging tools known as microblogs. It's a rapidly evolving service that essentially started out as a blog-like public collection of SMS messages from a given user. Twitter posts, or tweets, are limited to 140 characters to reflect their start in SMS. However, Twitter is also available from the Web, so many users are not accessing it by their phone at all. Twitter gained popularity in part because it allowed a lot of open use from third-party tools. Some (but not all) of those tools have made their way to Android. Why would you use Twitter The short messages are great for keeping status updates. If your business is transportation, let the riders know about delays. If your business is weather dependent, let your customers know if you need to make cancellations. Use it to advertise specials, promote your latest accomplishments, or deepen your customer engagement by having a conversation about their needs. Or just listen to what your...

Offer a Free Version of Your

We will touch upon building a free app briefly in this section, but please refer to Chapter 14 for more in-depth information on developing a free app. You can use a free app as a way to build a strong following for your paid app. As an independent Android app developer, you can offer a free application in order to compete with the big players on the Android Market. Offering a free app helps your customers gain confidence in your product and allows them to use it without risk. Various studies from analytics companies such as indicate that a free app strategy is a must going forward. Flurry and Pinch Media have merged (http www. pinchanalytics). You can see the company's blog athttp blog. , which includes strong research evidence that this strategy works. One blog post states the following In this blog post, Flurry sums up this recommendation by saying that everyone regardless of their success on the Android Market should have a free app. The...

Understanding the Android SDK License Agreement

Additional terms for specific Google APIs Use of the Android Maps API is subject to further Terms of Service (specifically use of the following packages and must agree to these additional terms before using those specific APIs and always include the Google Maps copyright notice provided. Use of Google Data APIs (Google Apps such as Gmail, Blogger, Google Calendar, Google Finance Portfolio Data, Picasa,YouTube, and so on) is limited to access that the user has explicitly granted permission to your application by accepted permissions provided by the developer during installation time.

Use Blog Promotions

As discussed in Chapter 7, you'll want to post an announcement about your new app to your blog. You can create a blog if you don't already have one, but remember that blogging is a commitment and you must post comments at least weekly in order to be followed with any regularity. You can use WordPress or Blogger they're free and simple to use. There are many ways to link and use your blog posts to spread the word about your app. For example, you can post your blogs to your LinkedIn profile. You can also send out a Twitter message (a Tweet) with a link to your blog post.

Using Blogs

Blogging has been around for some time now and is still an incredibly popular and powerful communication tool. Blogging can help you market your Android and Android tablet app in several ways. The first and easiest way to utilize blogging is to get to know some bloggers who write about Android and Android tablet apps. These people have already established a following with their blogs and can give you a hand in getting a review of your app or at least giving your app a mention. There are many blogs that do Android and Android tablet app reviews where you can submit your app. It's always best if you have established some type of relationship with the blogger before reaching out to him or her for a review. Obviously, if the blogger knows you, he or she will be more inclined to look at your app ahead of someone else's. An example of an app review site that is a blog is shown in Figure 7.6. Be sure to search on blog sites that discuss the topic of your particular app, even if they don't...

Marketing Activities

Other activities, such as getting articles or blog posts out about your app, getting reviews, seeking partnerships to co-market your app, and so on, can and should be done before and after the launch of your app. These activities must be done as part of your marketing plan. It's ideal to have them coincide with your press releases, but it's usually quite difficult to make all this happen at once. If you can get a press release, app review, and a blogger all talking about your app at the same, you will generate the best outcome. Be sure to allow adequate time to get someone to blog about your app. If you want a blogger to write about your app as your app launches, you will need to allow at least a month prior to the launch and press release to get someone lined up. People generally don't return phone calls and emails too quickly, and these things take time to get in place.

Cross Posting

If you're primarily a blogger but want to add tweets to announce new blog entries, one way to do it is through Twitterfeed, at http This is a free service that takes just about any blog feed and translates it into a shortened Twitter or Facebook post. You specify any prefix or suffix and how you want the post to be shortened, as shown in Figure 11-10. Networked Blogs ( is a tool for porting blog posts into Facebook fan pages. There are many other solutions as well, including free and paid apps.


If you want to read all your content in one place rather than posting it, you'll want an aggregator (aka feed reader). Feed readers take feeds from other sources and pile them into one place for easy reading. Tweets, blog posts, news items, and even Google searches are delivered as feeds that you can add to a feed reader, and many blogs add handy links for adding feeds. The universal symbol for an RSS feed is shown in Figure 11-12. When using most Android browsers and logged into your Google account,

Some Caveats

Keep in mind that the biggest unknown is your level of demand. A breakeven analysis cannot predict what the demand for your app might be. It is simply a decision-making tool that will help you avoid making some costly mistakes prior to development of your app. The best predictor for your app is the research you do around your target audience and what data points you can glean from communities and blog posts that are discussing apps similar to yours.

Design Tips

You can either test that an activity matches the intent, which you can do before starting the activity, or catch an exception if starting the activity fails. Both approaches are descibed in the blog posting Can I use this Intent . To test whether an intent can be resolved, your code can query the package manager. The blog post provides an example in the isIntentAvailable() helper method. You can perform this test when initializing the user interface. For instance, you could disable the user control that initiates the Intent object, or display a message to the user that lets them go to a location, such as the Market, to download its application. In this way, your code can start the activity (using either startActivity() or startActivityForResult()) only if the intent has tested to resolve to an activity that is actually present.

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