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This app lets you discover local establishments and activities. Once you find something, you'll see the address and how far away you are—results are sorted by distance, from closest to farthest away. Whether you need to get a haircut, catch a bus, or virtually anything else, this app will give you the relevant results with all the details you need. After you've found the establishment you are looking for, use this app to share your thoughts about it.

ALL WALKS OF LIFE: There are as many categories in UrbanKite as there are in Google Local. With this app, you can pinpoint your area of interest, and once your genre is displayed, click on an establishment and you will be taken to a detail page where you can call or map your destination. Click "Details on Google" and you will get full details, reviews, and anything else that is found on Google. Very nice.

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One of the really cool features of this app is its integration with Twitter. Once you enter your Twitter login credentials, you can comment, share, and rate your destination all via Twitter and UrbanKite. So don't just grab a cup at Starbucks—let others know you are there and join a few friends.


01110 Andover Massadnueto

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Burtom 6«H of North Andovrr 1.2 km 1 l-J 1 fan 1

rgjy Bollywood Grill

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1.4 km 1 fan

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145 Turnpike stNorlti Andover. MA (978] 088 5600

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search for your interest: Discover local establishments and activities, including restaurants, pubs and bars, coffeeshops, bistros, nightclubs, transportation locations, arts and culture, banks, sporting, medical centers, sightseeing, government offices, and much more.

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