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If you use Twitter, get this app and you'll be sure not to miss any of the action. There are as many features loaded into this app as you would get in a desktop client. When you compose a tweet, you have the option to insert a photo or video, record video, or take a photo that you can attach to your tweet. You can also manage and view tweets for multiple accounts. Clicking on a tweet will pop up the options to Reply, Show Profile, Favorite, Retweet, Send DM, Copy to Clipboard, Share Tweet, and Report Spam. Share Tweet lets you send it to other social networks, email, and texting apps.

HIT THE ROAD @JACK: Twidroid allows you to hit the road and not miss a tweet. You can choose to display between 50 and 250 tweets at a time using the five preset select buttons. I've configured Twidroid to display 180 tweets at a time, and often use the Jump to Top button to return to the top of the list when the newest messages filter in.

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PRACTICAL STEPS: Even the free version of Twidroid offers some powerful features in the Settings tab. You can select which photo and video services to use, the quality of the images, your preferred URL shortener service, the Geolocation data that is transmitted with your tweets, and other sweet goodies. And the Pro version unlocks even more features.

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