Version: 1.0 CBS Interactive, Inc.

Want to watch the tube on the (very) small screen? If you're looking for shows offered by the CBS-owned, this app presents plenty of clips and a number of full-length episodes from CBS (including CBS News and CBS Sports), CW, Showtime, CNET, and more. Despite these somewhat limited options, still has a better selection of quality programming than any other mobile TV app for Android, and everything is presented in a smooth and watchable interface.

CHANNEL SURFING: brings you programs from channels in the CBS family only, but within those restrictions you'll find a good selection and a few gems. Most channels just offer clips, but you'll find full-length episodes of some shows from the CBS archives (MacGyver, Star Trek) and a few current shows.


CBS Entertainment



CBS News


CBS Sports

CBS News


HAVING AN EPISODE: allows you to watch entire episodes of NCIS, Gossip Girl, Harper's Island, Rules of Engagement, 60 Minutes, The Late Show with DavidLetterman, and others. These shows also offer smaller clips, so you can watch just that one interview segment on Letterman and skip the stupid pet tricks.

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Best App for TV Listings

TV-Guide USA

Free / $2.99 Ad-free version Version: 1.0.5 Jersey Productions

You may be bummed by the limited selection of TV shows you can actually watch on your phone, but you still want to know what's on the big box that plugs into your wall, right? TV-Guide USA gives you a quick and easy peek into what's on now and what's coming up in your area, whether you get your service from a local over-the-air antenna, satellite, or a cable provider.

ANYTHING GOOD ON?: The default view gives listings for every channel. What's showing right now is at the top of the list; scroll down to see what's on for the rest of the day. If you're only interested in movies or sports, restrict your view using the tabs at the top of the screen.


TV Guide USA

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/S\ 11:00 The Price Is Right

ffti 11:00 The View

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COMING UP: Click on a particular show to bring up listings for that channel, along with any information on the show or episode. You can't get a summary of the news in advance (wouldn't that be nice?), but you can at least find out whether your favorite soap opera is a rerun or a new episode.

fTV Cmx rtw D#«Kndvrt App for Android'

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:uorv The Bold and the Beautiful

Whip worries that Sandy rs falling for Nick: Ifcdge is caught between Stefty and Brooke Cast ]«hn McCoo*. Susan Flannery. ftonn Moss Katherine Kelly lang, jack wagrt m Best Media Player 1


Free / $4.99 Ad-free version

Version: 1.6


In addition to the media player that comes preloaded on your phone, the Android Market has many apps to enhance your listening or viewing experience. TuneWiki is the best of them, offering an intuitive interface to your music library, access to Internet radio through SHOUTcast or, lyrics search, music maps, Top 50, playlists, and more. To make your experience more social, you can share your tastes and status via Blip, Twitter, or Facebook.

SET LIST: TuneWiki taps into the music directory and playlists already stored on your phone, letting you shuffle all songs or browse your library by artist, song title, album, or playlist. While you're listening to a song, you can add it to an existing playlist or create a new playlist for it on the fly.

Beautiful Girl Business Time

Flight of The Conchoids theme song

Hiphopapotamus v Rhymenocerous

PLAY IT: Select a song to play and you'll also get access to it in your navigation bar. TuneWiki retrieves album artwork and displays real-time lyrics, translated into over 40 languages, while the song is playing. You can even set the current track as your ringtone by pulling up the menu options.

flight of Th» Conchords lutinm rime

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WATCH IT: Built-in YouTube integration lets you find videos to watch within the media player. Search by artist or song title to get a list of matching results to play immediately. Of course, you could go straight to YouTube to do the same thing, but TuneWiki lets you add the video directly to your library, so you can keep all your music-related media organized in a single place.

Meridian Player


Version: Noble 0.5.1

III - Romulus Urakagi Ts'ai

Meridian is another solid media player for Android that offers some of the same features as TuneWiki (song rating, lyrics, extra track info) but doesn't tie into social media, Internet radio (an additional plug-in is required to connect with, or YouTube video services. However, it does tap into your local video directory to play anything you have in there, which is nice. Another handy feature that you can set in your preferences pauses a track when you receive a phone call, and resumes playing automatically when you hang up.

NOW PLAYING: The player itself is simple and easy to use. It also sits in your navigation bar for quick access when you're doing other things while listening. As with TuneWiki, you can display album artwork, but you'll need to add it yourself.

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Best Remote Control



Version: 2.0.4

Marc Stogaitis, Mimi Sun

Gmote turns your Android phone into a remote control for the media library on your computer. Once you've installed the Gmote server on your computer (a small download and easy setup), just launch the app from your phone, enter your password, and immediately gain wireless access to iTunes, your photo library, and any other folders you define. Then, use Gmote's on-screen navigation to play tracks on your computer. As of the 2.0 release, you can even stream songs through your phone's speaker!

PLAY LOCAL: With Gmote, you can browse through any of the media folders on your computer. Find and select the song or video you want to play to bring up the remote navigation. When browsing photo libraries, you'll see thumbnails along the bottom of the screen and a large view of the selected photo.

REMOTE ACCESS: Gmote has tons of everyday uses. Advance PowerPoint slides during presentations without having to stand by the podium. Play, pause, and fast-forward home movies from your couch. Sit the family back for a vacation slideshow from your desktop. Playing songs through your phone speaker works like magic, but the software doesn't support video playback just yet.

Best Audio Management App

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