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Version: 1.6.1 CreationPal

SportyPal also logs more exercises than just running, but it comes with fewer built-in workout types than Cardio-Trainer, relegating activities other than running, walking, cycling, and roller-blading to a catchall "Free Style" category. Also, unlike CardioTrainer, it doesn't work as a pedometer (step counter), though most of its other functionality is the same and displayed in a slightly prettier interface.

WORKING OUT: Choose from a variety of workouts before starting to sweat, and SportyPal will keep a record of your workout history for each activity. Starting a workout is as easy as selecting the workout type and pressing Start. You'll immediately see the clock start ticking away, which means it's time to get a move on.

Jf New Workout

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GEEK MY RIDE: Chart your bike ride (or run, walk, skate, or whatever) in real time. But please, don't start analyzing your stats when you're pedaling along at top speed. You'll have plenty of time to pore over the details when they're sent online, but if you need an immediate update, pull over. This app can definitely turn into a dangerous distraction on the road without some basic safety precautions.

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Total Time:


Distinct: 2.18 mi Speed: 0.00 mph

Avg SpttcJ 13.13 mph Calorttc 106.03 kcal


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