If you find yourself connected to a wireless router and want to make a call to someone overseas, why not do it with Skype? It's free, it's reliable, and it's good quality. You can call anyone who has a Skype account for free, and you can pay to call people who are on a landline or cell phone. You may wonder why you'd use Skype on a phone at all. Suppose you're making an international call. Or perhaps you're traveling with Wi-Fi but no cellular signal. In either case, fire up Skype and you'll be all set to make calls for free or cheap.

CONTACT MANAGEMENT: Skype's contact management feature lets you quickly dial and contact your friends on Skype. Just as in the desktop version, this app shows you who is online at any time. From the menu screen, you can also set your status to busy, in a meeting, or whatever you choose if you prefer not to be bothered.

CALL OR CHAT?: Should you call or send a message? You can do both. Send a quick message to a contact who is online, and ask if they have time for a call. Just click on the person's name and you will be prompted to Call, Chat, Show Profile, Remove, or Block. If you decide to dial someone on their phone, this app will use Google Voice to complete your call.

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