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So you're standing in the tissue aisle at the local market, wondering why Kleenex is so expensive today. Is it a new product that people really love? Or could it just be labeled incorrectly? Maybe it's cheaper at the grocery store down the street? Before you head to the checkout line, scan its barcode with ShopSavvy for immediate answers to these questions. You'll get comparisons, reviews, and prices at other local or online stores, so you can be sure to get the best deal on that Kleenex.

buy where you SHOP: You find the book you want in a major chain bookstore, but would really prefer to spend your money at your beloved independent shop. The first thing you need to know is whether the mom and pop store has the book in stock, and then you can decide if buying from them is worth it to you. ShopSavvy tells you the prices at the local competition and finds you the best deals online.


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O Barnes & Noble $10.79

23S Daniel Websu-r Highway, Nashua NH

8.9 mi >

883 Broadway Sli ret.

Lowell. MA

10 mi >

ISt Mernmack Street

Lowell. MA

11.3 mi >

289 North Main Street, Leominster. MA

12.6 mi >

98 Middlesex Turnp<ke. Burlington. MA

17.6 mi >

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THE REVIEWS ARE IN: Can't make a decision on whether to buy that book you're holding at the bookstore? Why not find out what other people thought about it? ShopSavvy provides on-the-spot customer reviews in a clean format, without making you type the title into a search box and sift through other product information on your small screen.

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