Version: 1.1.10 Geodelic Systems, Inc.

The Sherpa app tailors itself to your preferences. If you are entertaining prospective business partners, Sherpa uses Web2.0-style profiling with location-based and contextual data to suggest nearby attractions, restaurants, and retailers. If you eat out more than you shop, the app shows more restaurants than retail stores. In addition, Sherpa only gives suggestions that are pertinent to the time of day, so if you run a search at 2:00 a.m. looking for government offices, you won't get much.

YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: But you are in the middle of nowhere. Upon startup, Sherpa gives you a quick view of the nearby establishments in a scrolling list called Carousel view. This can be switched to either a map view or a simple list view. The results can then be narrowed down by type, such as groceries, dining, banks, movie theaters, cafes and coffeeshops, nightclubs and bars, arts and culture, and so forth.


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