Version: 1.1 Seesmic

Don't let the honorable mention fool you—this app is neck-and-neck with Twidroid. The free Seesmic has many of the same features as the Pro version of Twidroid, though with less options to select from. If you use the desktop or web version of Sees-mic, you'll love this app. It's clean and very intuitive to use, and packs a whole lot of features into a tiny little app. You can use your username and API key, making it easy to track your tweeted short URLs and resulting clicks. You can also set all sorts of notifications to alert you of various updates and messages.

SAVE YOUR POWER: You can help save your battery by adjusting the interval to check for new messages from every five minutes to once every hour. If you limit the number of tweets you pull in on each poll, that will help even more. Using the five preset selections, you can set the app to fetch between 20 and 150 tweets on each update. So if you set your updates to be once an hour and grab 150 tweets at a time, you'll save your battery but may miss a few tweets. You can always manually refresh to get new tweets.


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