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If you're in the market for a new home, give this app a spin before you consult a real estate agent. You can search for homes in your price range and desired location, estimate home values with Zillow, and get neighborhood information from Trulia, Walkscore, and Ren-tometer, based on your location. When you think you're ready to buy, crunch the numbers with the built-in mortgage quotes and loan calculator. Your dream home might be just a few clicks away.

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HOUSE SEARCH: What's your price range? Narrow your search to include only homes you can afford, specify how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, and limit your results to a particular city or surrounding neighborhoods (based on distance from your first choice).

LITTLE BOXES: Your search returns all the homes matching your criteria; if your choices are broad, this could be an awfully long list. Press Back to narrow your search, or choose a house based on the summary info (address, price, square footage, a thumbnail photo, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms) for more photos and details.

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HOME SWEET HOME: Could this be the one? Get more information and pictures with one click, or add the home to your watch list for comparison later. Use this app to organize your house-hunting tour.

Best Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

You've found your dream home and know how much you can afford. You've talked to a lender and have a good idea of what you'll be able to get for an interest rate. Pull out Mortgage Calculator on the spot to see exactly what you're looking at. Though Real Estate Droid offers a built-in mortgage calculator, this dedicated app is packed with advanced features, including amortization. The Pro version includes fine-grained payment options and a refinance calculator.

ADD IT UP: Advanced mode lets you include the property value, down payment, insurance options, taxes, and other expenses in your calculation. If you're just looking for a quick ballpark estimate, use the default mode, which calculates monthly payment based on loan amount, term (in years), and interest rate.

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