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TRACKING: Start with just a few stocks, and add however many you want. Adding a stock is simpleā€”as you type on the keyboard, stock symbols begin to auto fill and you can select from the choices. The Options menu allows you to define sort orders, colors, refresh rates, and the level of detail you want displayed for each stock.


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DRILL DOWN: Press the menu button to view the options of News, Chart, Details, Delete, and Cancel. The Details option provides high and low trends along with a handy chart; click it to find more information online. The Chart selection offers a whole set of charting options, including comparisons, time ranges, line types, chart types, and the ability to define two subcharts.

Quote Pro is a great app that boasts a number of useful features, including numbered profiles. You can list a few stocks you want to track in one portfolio, and then with a tap of a finger you can see your other portfolios. This is useful when tracking different sectors of the market, and allows for comparisons based on the stocks you want to group. Quotes are provided by Yahoo! and include the major indices. There is a 20-minute time delay, but Quote Pro refreshes prices every 10 seconds.


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